Emily Bieberly reveals her lowest weight to 90 Day Fiance fans in throwback photo

Emily Bieberly
Emily Bieberly let 90 Day Fiance fans know what her lowest weight ever was. Pic credit: TLC

Season 9 of 90 Day Fiance star Emily Bieberly has been open about her fluctuating weight and she recently revealed something very personal to fans.

Emily likes to connect with her following and ask for advice through her Instagram Stories, and she did just that earlier today while also giving away information about the lowest weight she’s ever been.

The 31-year-old mom of two asked her 90 Day following who could help her with counting macros.

To accompany her question, Emily shared a throwback photo of herself to flex just how small she was at her thinnest.

Emily donned a white baseball cap, black sports bra, and blue spandex workout leggings. Her midsection was showing and looked slim in the bathroom mirror selfie.

In her caption at the bottom of the image, Emily remarked, “My lowest weight was 142.”

Emily Bieberly's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @emm_babbyy/Instagram

Emily Bieberly wants more kids with 90 Day Fiance husband Kobe Blaise

Emily and her now-husband, Cameroon native Kobe Blaise, met when they were both in China for different reasons and only spent a few months together before finding out Emily was pregnant.

Emily had their son Koban in America and Kobe’s K-1 visa was granted after Koban was already 16 months old.

Very soon after Kobe’s arrival to America, and against Emily’s father’s one-house rule for them not to get pregnant, the pair found out that they were, in fact, pregnant again. Kobe and Emily’s daughter Scarlett is now one year old.

During the Season 9 Tell All, Emily revealed that she would like to have more kids with Kobe. These days, she is a stay-at-home mom after being a part-time nanny when it was just her and Koban before Kobe came to America.

Emily and Kobe still live at Emily’s parent’s house and Kobe works full-time.

Emily and Kobe are on Pillow Talk

Fans of Emily and Kobe can watch the couple have witty banter with each other and give commentary while they watch new episodes of currently airing 90 Day programs. Currently, they are on Happily Ever After? Pillow Talk.

Also granted spots on the hit 90 Day spinoff from Season 9 are Patrick Mendes and his brother John McManus, and Kara Bass and her Venezuelan husband Guillermo Rojer.

90 Day Pillow Talk: Happily Ever After? Sundays at 11/10c after every new episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?