Emily Balch shares photo from MAFS finale with her ‘soul sisters’ Clare, Lauren and Becca

Emily Balch and Clare Kerr MAFS reunion
Emily Balch says Clare Kerr and the other wives are her “soul sisters.” Pic credit: Lifetime

Emily Balch, Lauren Good, Becca Haley, and Clare Kerr are getting dragged online, but they’re not letting the backlash break them apart.

Emily posted a group snap from the Married at First Sight Season 17 finale and sent love to her “soul sisters” on social media, expressing gratitude for meeting them.

Meanwhile, MAFS fans have turned against the foursome after having their backs through most of the season.

Things took a turn when the men spilled the tea about what was going on behind the scenes, noting that the women were in on a plan to fake their storylines.

The husbands took responsibility at the reunion for their part in the deception and even apologized to their wives for how things ended.

However, the pink pact stuck to their story, claiming the men were the masterminds and they were simply following their husbands’ lead.

The women’s behavior at the reunion didn’t sit well with viewers, and since then, they’ve been getting roasted online.

Emily Balch shares photos with her MAFS ‘soul sisters’

Say what you want about Emily and her crew because the foursome are sticking together until the end.

Emily posted a photo on her Instagram Story from the Where Are They Now special that showed her enjoying a night out with the women six months after the reunion.

The snap showed Lauren with her arms around Emily, with Becca and Clare on the other couch as they smiled for the photo.

“I can’t express enough how I’m forever grateful for immediately finding & leaving this process with my soul sisters,” she wrote.

The 29-year-old expressed unconditional love for her besties, adding, “I’m so incredibly proud of us.”

Emily Balch Instagram Story
Emily Balch snaps a group photo. Pic credit: @balch_so_hard/Instagram

Emily added another message at the bottom of her post saying that after the final episode of Season 17 airs, they can officially start the “next chapter of life.”

“Cheers… to many more years of growing + glowing my queens,” she added.

Emily Balch says Clare Kerr is her ride-or-die

Emily was posting up a storm on social media, adding another photo, this time of her and Clare Kerr, also featured in the MAFS finale episode.

The snap showed the duo as they paused from chowing down on their sushi meal to snap a photo for Instagram.

“Sushi sneak peek // shout out to my ride or die @clarebearkerr – we ridinnnnn baby togetha, foreva & to the very end,” Emily captioned the Instagram post.

Emily Balch Instagram Story
Emily Balch and Clare Kerr. Pic credit: @balch_so_hard/Instagram

What did you think of the Season 17 finale episode? Sound off in the comment section below.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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1 month ago

I think the four “girls” need to walk away from each other. Emily has so much hate, she is going to bring the rest of them down even more. They all need to grow up. Emily seems needy and toxic, Lauren is just mean, Clare doesn’t seem true, and Becca has way too many hangups. The “mean girls” need to move on, but they are definitely holding some grudges. I see Clare and Becca kind of roll their eyes when Emily starts in with the hate, they may wake up and realize she is toxic to them and will be in their relationships (if they ever grow up and realize it isn’t all about them).
I am happy to see Chloe and the guys staying in touch and moving forward with their lives. They are definitely the mature group! Wish them the best.

1 month ago

This season can only be described as a disaster. Don’t know the answer, but something has to change with the process. This was also probably the most unlikeable cast with the exception of Michael and Chloe.