Emily Balch dragged by MAFS fans as she calls Chloe Brown a liar

MAFS stars Emily Balch and Chloe Brown screenshot
Emily Balch calls Chloe Brown a liar. Pic credit: Lifetime

If you thought the tension between Chloe Brown and her Married at First Sight castmates had simmered down you were right, but it didn’t last very long.

Emily Balch just reignited the drama and she’s getting dragged online after calling Chloe a liar over a scene that played out in the last episode of the season.

We had all but forgotten about the Denver cast, as we patiently await a premiere date for Season 18. So, it’s unclear why, weeks after Season 17 ended, the issue is being brought up now.

In a recent post, Emily shared a photo of herself and Clare Kerr spending time at the Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary with Chloe.

That photo according to Emily was taken in October of 2023. However, when the cast filmed the Where Are They Now? episode in January of 2024, Chloe told a much different story.

A scene from the episode showed her at the animal sanctuary with Season 17 men, and when talks turned to the women Chloe exclaimed, “I don’t know that they would step foot in such a place.”

Emily also posted that clip on Instagram and called out Chloe for lying.

Emily Balch has proof that her castmate Chloe Brown ‘lied’

Emily has been rifling through her story highlights from filming the season and she discovered a smoking gun.

The MAFS star quickly posted the photo of herself, Clare, and Chloe at the animal sanctuary along with timelines to prove that Chloe wasn’t being honest during the finale episode.

Unfortunately for Emily, the post isn’t getting the response she had hoped for, but that’s not stopping the 29-year-old from calling out her castmate.

A commenter questioned, “Why would Chloe say that ya’ll were not there? And you were?… I’m confused.”

“idk ask Chloe why she lied we were just as confused!” Emily responded. “My hypothesis is that being friends with us no longer served her or her image.”

Emily also slammed Chloe and Michael Shiakallis’ friendship saying, “Seems like a facade they are putting on to me and everyone sadly is falling for it.”

Emily Balch slams Chloe Brown on Instagram
Pic credit: @the_emily_balch/Instagram

MAFS fans blast Emily for reigniting drama with Chloe

Meanwhile, MAFS fans have grown exhausted with Emily and they blasted her for reigniting the drama after the show ended.

“Chloe was the best and way more mature than you ladies in pink 🙄,” wrote a commenter.

“You really need to grow up, your middle school mentality is holding you back…” said someone else. “Not too late to delete all your bitter immature posts and 🗣️MOVE ON your 15 min is up, child!”

One MAFS viewer said, “WHAT is your point? YOUR purpose. It’s OVER.”

MAFS viewers blast Emily Balch
Pic credit: @the_emily_balch/Instagram

Someone else exclaimed, “OMG. Stop talking about Married at First Sight and Chloe. Ya’ll have a relationship and us viewers are happy you guys do. But it’s time to move on…”

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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8 days ago

Emily you need to grow up and stop acting like a teenager ! You were no way ready to be married move on and find someplace else to put your energy !