Elizabeth Potthast’s sister Jenn shares her intense workout for body goals

Jenn Potthast
Jenn Potthast showed 90 Day Fiance fans how she gets her killer body. Pic credit: @thejaylyndavis/Instagram

Jenn Potthast, the sister of 90 Day Fiance alum Elizabeth Potthast, recently showed fans how she achieves her incredible body.

The reality TV personality often uses her Instagram, where she goes by @thejaylyndavis, to post thirst traps and highlight her enviable curves.

Now, she has given her following a glimpse at what it takes to be body goals like her. Jenn shared a video with her 55.400 followers that someone else took of her while she did a workout set.

Jenn started out doing jumping squats while hanging on to a long elastic band. Next, she did hip thrusts with a weighted metal bar as she had her back against a piece of equipment.

The TLC star then did stationary jumping lunges with the elastic band followed by slow squats while holding onto weights. Another challenging exercise in her series featured Jenn doing leg lifts while balancing her planted leg on a medicine ball before more weighted deep squats were done.

Lastly, Jenn was filmed pushing a weighted device across the gym floor before collapsing onto the ground at the end to catch her breath.

In the caption, Jenn wrote, “addicted to this life it’s gon be hard to quit…”

Jenn Potthast has gotten a lot of screen time on 90 Day Fiance

Elizabeth and her husband Andrei Castravet’s storyline has always involved Elizabeth’s family and their tension with Andrei.

On numerous occasions, 90 Day Fiance viewers have heard from Jenn, and her and Elizabeth’s sister Becky Lichtwerch, about their intense disliking of Andrei and how he’s divided their family.

Jenn has voiced frustration over Andrei and his role in the Potthast family house flipping business and how his presence in that has pushed her out.

The 90 Day Fiance audience has watched Jenn for the seven years Elizabeth has been involved with the show and its spinoffs. She has even appeared alongside Elizabeth on Pillow Talk and on 90 Day Diaries when their dad Chuck Potthast was on it and talking about his desire to start dating.

Jenn revealed why she’s single

Jenn recently did a Q&A on Instagram where she fielded a question about her love life and why she was still single.

The mom of two opened up her response by saying that that question always made her laugh before remarking that she was “stingy” with her love and took relationships very seriously.

Furthermore, Jenn stated that she felt she was intimidating to men and that it would take someone “super special” to scoop her up.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is currently on hiatus.

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