Elizabeth Potthast shared a throwback picture of her dad Chuck and critics were astonished

Chuck and Elizabeth Potthast
A throwback photo of Chuck Potthast got a lot of attention from 90 Day Fiance critics. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance alum Elizabeth Potthast posted an Instagram Story tribute to her dad Chuck Potthast on Veterans Day, honoring him for his military service.

The thoughtful post resounded with 90 Day Fiance critics, but they were more mesmerized by the throwback photo that accompanied Elizabeth’s post.

90 Day Fiance fan reactions to Chuck Potthast’s throwback picture were mixed

Elizabeth posted a photo of her dad when he was in the service and captioned it, “Happy Veterans Day to all of our veterans and my handsome dadda (kiss face emoji.”)

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Chuck looks very young in the photo and his facial features are drastically different than what they look like now that he is in his late 50’s or possibly early 60’s.

A Reddit thread was started by a 90 Day fan who thought Chuck was very good-looking when he was younger. They titled the thread, “Wow (astonished emoji) Chuck (heart eyes emoji).”

Some critics who saw the photos had different opinions of the throwback and many felt he has changed completely.

The top comment read, “Damn that man really aged like an avocado.”

Someone else responding to that comment wrote, “My cat is really concerned about the sound that just came out my mouth. You are absolutely correct.”

Another person gave a reason as to why he has aged the way he has when they said, “Look at his children to understand why.”

Reddit thread about Chuck Potthast
Pic credit: @u/silver_composer4538/Reddit

More critics jumped in the comments and shared their opinions on Chuck’s throwback. One person agreed that it’s his family’s fault he aged the way he did.

They remarked, “Ha ha, if you had a family half as crazy and needy as his you’d look like him too! Poor guy is so stressed out all the time.”

Someone else exclaimed, “He doesn’t even look like he EVER looked this way (laughing/crying emoji).” 

Reddit thread about Chuck Potthast
Pic credit: @u/silver_composer4538/Reddit

There is still a rift within the Potthast family

Elizabeth and Andrei were on 90 Day Bares All with Becky, Jenn, and Megan where it became obvious that nothing had gotten resolved since the Potthast family brawl.

Jenn and Becky haven’t been talking to their dad regarding business since Andrei has taken their place and Megan and Charlie have cut ties with the family.

Chuck had strong emotions surrounding his family’s relationship damage and his tears were a spectacle on Happily Ever After?.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is currently on hiatus.

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2 years ago

Holy sh*t! He really let himself go!!!!