Elizabeth Bice shares how she feels about haters killing her vibe

Elizabeth Bice
Elizabeth Bice continues to address her haters and their mean-spirited comments. Pic credit: Lifetime

Elizabeth “Beth” Bice came into the spotlight when she debuted on Married at First Sight Season 9. 

Since then, Beth has been one of the most outgoing and outspoken members of the Married at First Sight franchise, which has come with lots of praise from fans and plenty of scrutiny from critics. 

On more than one occasion, Beth has had to clap back at the rude or insensitive comments she receives, and she continued to do so in her recent post. 

MAFS alum Beth Bice makes a video addressing her haters 

Beth took to Instagram to address her haters in an amusing video. 

Over the video, Beth wrote, “When haters want to leave a comment……..” 

Beth mouthed audio that began with a woman making a “beep” sound, and then she proceeded to mouth, “I’m just so busy, and I cannot come to the phone right now. Literally don’t even leave a voicemail. I’m not gonna check it. A B C D E F G. I have to go.” 

Beth captioned the video, “Literally my exact thoughts when a hater tries to kill my vibe these days…Like guess what I probably do not care. You are welcome! Don’t let anyone dull your shine today! #funny #hatersgonnahate #funnyreels.” 

Married at First Sight star Clara Berghaus reacts and relates to Beth’s video 

Beth’s post appeared to resonate with her fellow MAFS stars, as many Married at First Sight members have faced scrutiny and criticism in the public eye. 

Married at First Sight Season 11 star and expecting mom Amani Randall connected with the post, as well as Married at First Sight Season 12 star Clara Berghaus.

Clara commented her agreement under Beth’s post as the two ladies bonded over their love of artist Taylor Swift. 

Clara wrote, “^^^literally me” with two laughing emojis. Then, quoting character Jake Peralta from the comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine and referencing Taylor Swift, Clara added, “‘Haters gonna hate, shake it off, Taylor swift always right’ – Jake Peralta’.” 

Beth responded, saying, “snakes and stones never broke my bones!!!! Love t swift !!!!!” 

Elizabeth Bice's comment section
Pic credit: @justbeth___/Instagram

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Beth has had to clap back at insensitive comments about her body lately. 

Beth vulnerably shared that she gets discouraged and hesitant to post photos when she receives an influx of comments suggesting she looks pregnant when she’s not. 

However, in trying to remain confident and embrace herself, Beth has posted photos that show her body as she continues to shut down her haters. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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