EJ slams Nico and his brother on Below Deck

EJ and Nico's brother Josh on Below Deck
Nico’s brother Josh, right, and EJ arguing on this week’s Below Deck

A bemused EJ Jansen slams Nico Scholly and his brother Josh on this week’s Below Deck — calling the pair “d***s”.

His comment comes after a bizarre run-in when the group return to the boat with Nico appearing worse for wear from the effects of alcohol.

EJ notices that everyone’s feet are dirty and asks people to clean them before they walk around on the boat.

He then ask’s Nico’s brother Josh: “Let’s see the bottom of your feet, homie,” to which Josh replies: “Get the **** out of here.”

EJ says: “You’re walking on our **** yacht, let’s see the bottom of your feet!” Josh replies: “Alright, they’re dirty,” to which EJ says: “Well wash them, you want to get that s**t all over our boat?”

Nico, slurring, then gets involved, saying: “EJ, why don’t you shut up.” EJ asks him: “You see what I’m going here?” Nico, whose brother Tristen tragically passed away last year, replies: “I really don’t care.”

Nico, slurring again, adds: “Congrashlashuns, why don’t you tell my brother again how it tastes?” EJ, baffled, says: “What? You talking s**t again?”

Speaking about the incident in an interview with producers, he says of Nico and Josh: “These guys are d***s. Like brother like brother.”

This week’s Below Deck also sees the crew have their hands full when eight big personalities from Texas come on board, with Kate Chastain having to do her best to keep Jennifer Howell safe from some very “hands-y” guests.

Watch the bizarre exchange between EJ, Nico and his brother unfold below!


Below Deck airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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