DWTS host Alfonso Ribeiro shares update about his son’s black eye

alfonso ribeiro face shot at The Alliance For Children's Rights 28th Annual Dinner Honoring Karey Burke And Susan Saltz
Alfonso Ribeiro said his son injury was “part of the game” he was playing. Pic credit: ©

Earlier this month, Alfonso Ribeiro’s wife showed that their son sustained a serious shiner, as a photo appeared online with him sporting a black eye.

However, the Dancing with the Stars host recently said their son is “doing fine” following his injury.

Ribeiro and his wife, Angela, have three kids, including their son AJ, who is 10.

As the DWTS host mentioned, their son loves finding different ways to get hurt, with his black eye happening in sports.

He revealed it’s all “part of the game,” as his son suffered the injury while playing baseball.

The glaring black eye has since subsided, thanks to a bit of motherly magic through various treatments.

Ribeiro on son’s injury: ‘It’s just what he does’

When kids and sports mix, injuries are bound to happen. Weeks ago, Ribeiro’s 10-year-old son suffered his on the baseball diamond.

“When you play baseball, you’re gonna get hit with a ball at some point or another, right?” he told People.

“That’s part of the game. The field is imperfect. It isn’t always great grass, right? The dirt isn’t smooth all the time,” Ribeiro said.

He indicated that his son’s baseball coach had hit the ball while his son was practicing fielding at the shortstop position.

According to Ribeiro, the ball “caught a bad hop” and hit his son in the eye, causing the black eye.

“There you go. Story’s complete. It’s part of baseball. But he’s doing fine. The black eye is gone. He’s back to playing baseball and injuring more parts of his body every day,” he said.

His wife Angela shared a video showing the progress she’d made in reducing and eliminating her son’s injury with various treatments.

She indicated she used tobacco leaves, Traumaplant’s Comfrey Cream, Arnica, organic castor oil, and Dragon’s Blood & Pearl Powder.

In her clip, she revealed a drastic improvement in the injury after a week of using the various products.

According to Ribeiro, their son is injury-prone, with frequent mishaps occurring.

“It’s just what he does, and he finds new ways to injure himself on a daily basis. And it’s called 10, and being a boy. I love it,” Ribeiro shared with People.

Who are Alfonso Ribeiro’s children?

Ribeiro has married twice, as he and Angela Unkrich tied the knot in 2012. The couple has three children.

Their firstborn is son Alfonso Lincoln Ribeiro Jr., aka AJ, born in 2013. The couple welcomed their second child, son Anders Reyn, in 2016. Their first daughter, Ava Sue Ribeiro, arrived in 2019.

In a Mother’s Day Instagram post last month, Alfonso praised Angela for ensuring their children were “passionate loving and thoughtful.”

Ribeiro also has a daughter, Sienna, born in 2002 during his first marriage to Robin Stapler, who he was married to from 2002 until 2006.

As the proud father of four enjoys the summer with his family, DWTS fans are awaiting an announcement for when Season 33 will return with Ribeiro and Julianne Hough back as the show’s hosts.

Dancing with the Stars Season 33 premiere is TBA for ABC and Disney+.

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Judy B
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Hey, Alfonso, your suits are too tight. Lose a few!