DWTS finalist Cody Rigsby gives his opinion of Tyra Banks

Cody Rigsby on The Kelly Clarkson Show.
Cody Rigsby on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Pic credit: NBC

Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby was among the most popular contestants on Dancing with the Stars’ 30th season.

While never getting the best scores and actually not being able to perform live while dealing with COVID-19, Cody rode his fans’ votes all the way into the finals.

Cody ended up in third place, behind JoJo Siwa and eventual winner Iman Shumpert, and returned to his role as America’s favorite Peloton instructor once again.

In a recent interview, Cody talked about the Dancing with the Stars move to Disney+ and rumors that Tyra Banks was leaving the show.

Cody Rigsby on Tyra Banks as DWTS host

In his interview with Us Weekly, Cody Rigsby was asked about Tyra Banks and the controversy with her as the host of Dancing with the Stars.

Throughout her time as the host, fans have complained online that she almost overshadows the dancers, both with her costume choices and by talking over the judges at times.

“Tyra, I feel like was such a polarizing figure. Either you loved her as a host, or people were sometimes mad about it. I don’t know. She was great,” Cody said.

“It was so iconic meeting her, and she was such a lovely person, so if she wants to do the job, I hope she’s back. If she doesn’t, then somebody else.”

It sounds like Cody wants Tyra back on the show, but he doesn’t sound like he has a horse in the battle with that final comment of “then someone else.”

As for the fans, Tyra has many supporters out there, but she also has a lot of critics who feel she hasn’t done a good job replacing Tom Bergeron in the role.

With the 31st season still a few months away, Tyra’s fate might not be known for a while still.

The opinion of Tyra Banks is mixed

Before Erin Andrews was the co-host with Tom Bergeron, Brooke Burke served in the role.

Burke called Tyra a “diva” and said it sometimes hurt the show.

“There’s nothing wrong with that, and I’m not saying anything bad about her. Be a diva,” Brooke said. “It’s not the place to be a diva. Your pros are the diva[s], your winners, your perfect ten score dancer who’s never done it — that defines diva in the ballroom.”

However, current judge Carrie Ann Inaba wants Tyra back, calling her part of the family at DWTS.

“Of course, we want Tyra!” Carrie Ann said. “The thing about Dancing with the Stars is, once you’re on our show, you’re in the family. That’s so precious. We truly are family. Not many shows are as close as we are.”

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. The dancing reality competition series will return in late 2022 to its new home on Disney+ streaming.

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2 years ago

Tyra wishes DWTS would change it’s name to “Dancing on the Tyra Banks show”.