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DWTS alumni would love to replace Tyra Banks as the show’s host

Tyra Banks on Dancing With the Stars
Tyra Banks on Dancing With the Stars. Pic credit: @tyrabanks/Instagram

People are complaining more and more lately over Dancing With the Stars host Tyra Banks. If people want a former DWTS alumni to replace her, one just threw their name in the hat.

Banks is an executive producer for Dancing With the Stars, so her job is probably secure, no matter what fans might want or say about it.

Many fans point out that Tyra Banks tries to make the show about her and she has said in the past that she wants to get people talking about her after the episodes.

However, many fans don’t like that and want the focus on the dancers and not the host. With some of the more unique outfits that Tyra wears on the show, she does take a lot of the attention away from the dancing.

Now, there is a DWTS alumni who would love to host the show.

Dancing With the Stars alumni would love to host the show

Victoria Arlen, who competed on Dancing With the Stars in Season 25, said she would love to get the job as the host of the show.

In a recent interview, Arlen said she would love to host Dancing With the Stars, calling it “such a dream come true.”

However, the chances of Tyra Banks stepping down is slim.

Who is Victoria Arlen?

Arlen was an inspirational story for Dancing With the Stars. Two years before she appeared on the show, she was in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down.

Not only did she regain the ability to walk again, but she moved on to appear on Dancing With the Stars.

Arlen was 11 when she developed medical conditions that took away her ability to speak, eat, walk, or move. She slipped into a vegetative state and remained there for four years.

In 2010, medication began to help her recover and she began to relearn how to speak, eat, and move.

Two years later, Arlen performed at the 2012 Summer Paralympics for the U.S. swimming team and won one gold and three silver medals.

In 2013, she was blocked from another Paralympics appearance because she no longer had proof of a permanent disability. She started working for ESPN in 2015 as a sportscaster.

In 2016, she learned to walk again and in 2017 she had no sensation in her legs.

In 2017, she appeared on Dancing With the Stars and partnered with Val Chmerkovskiy. They reached the semi-finals and she placed fifth.

However. she also had one of the most memorable daces on the show, where she used a wheelchair as a prop.

As for her ability to host Dancing With the Stars, it wouldn’t be her first time.

Victoria Arlen was co-host of American Ninja Warrior Junior for its second season in 2020 and is a co-host on SportsNation.

Dancing With the Stars aires this week on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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  1. Tara is an embarrassment to DWTS!!! She thinks the show is all about her and her ridiculous outfits and walk is just more than any one person can handle!! Please PLEASE remove her from hosting!! Heck, bring Julianne Hough in as host if you won’t bring Tom back!! She’d be AWESOME!

  2. Tyra is an extremely poor substitute for Tom and Erin. She seems to crave attention by being gawdy. However, the show has declined also due to the poor costume designs the last few years. Too tacky and revealing. Lost the style and elegance. The last straw for me was this season and the push for gender neutral nonsense.

  3. Ms. Banks is not a good host…the show has declined and there us no elegance anymore. And the gender neutral crap is a turn longer watching this mess.

  4. Ms. Banks is not a good host…the show has declined and there is no elegance anymore. And the gender neutral crap is a turn longer watching this mess.

  5. Very disappointed to see DWTS jump the shark.. If they would have just let it go to 30 and ended on a high note. The biggest complaint,and reason I stopped watching ,is of course, Try a Banks. She’s taken the over the show. Seem to be kind of narcissistic. Lighthearted laughter and true emotion is gone. My DWTS RIP

  6. Donald Duck would be a better host than Tyra Banks. Someone buy her out.PLEASE! I tape the show so I can cut her out. I used to admire her. Now I’ve lost all respect for her.

  7. She is the worst, every time she opens her mouth with the most ridiculous comments, I Kringe.
    She is destroying DWTS.

  8. Yes it is agreed she should be replaced she is important but it’s dancing with the stars not theTyra show its been that way most of the time

  9. I would love to see anyone but Tyra! I agree: it seems like it’s all about her! I don’t have anything against her, but the outrageous outfits don’t enhance ‘my’ viewing experience!

  10. I was commenting to my wife i.e. I wonder if I am the only one who is put off by Tyra Banks trying to take the show over. She says considerably more than Tom did ,actually attempts to be a 5th judge . Her fashion show does not bother me ,it is that she never stops talking. She really grates on my nerves. I can understand why the shows over all approval rating is down


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