Duggar family members remain in Bahamas to help as Abbie Grace Burnett joins her husband on the ground

John-David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett selfie.
Abbie joined John-David on the ground in the Bahamas. Pic credit:@johnandabbie/Instagram

Members of the Duggar family have been in the Bahamas for nearly two weeks. A few of them took off following the devastation of Hurricane Dorian. Initially, John-David Duggar, Jason Duggar, James Duggar, Jana Duggar, and Austin Forsyth were the ones who headed down to help.

Things have been changed up since the initial group left. Austin Forsyth returned home after just a few days. He was greeted by his wife, Joy-Anna Duggar, and the two made headlines for their PDA-packed Instagram photo announcing his return home. There were some questions about why he went and in response to that, Joy-Anna revealed that Austin is a certified EMT.

While he was away, Abbie Grace Burnett and Joy-Anna spent time together. Both of them had their husbands away working on disaster relief. Fans noticed how they were there for one another and it was a sweet testament to the relationships the women in the family have.

Medic Corps has been sharing photos of what is going on in the Bahamas now. Interestingly enough, Abbie Grace Burnett joined the team on the ground down there. She is currently expecting her first child with John-David Duggar and the two are coming up on their first wedding anniversary.

Abbie Grace Burnett is a sensible choice for the team. She worked as an LPN while courting John-David Duggar. And while she doesn’t work now, her skill set is still in high demand. It is unclear what she is doing down in the Bahamas or when she got down there. Fans have voiced some concern about her being there, though it is unlikely that John-David would allow her to help if he considered it to be dangerous.

There is no indication about when the Duggar family members will be returning from the Bahamas. Jana Duggar is still down there with her brothers and now, her sister-in-law Abbie Grace too. Over the past two weeks, they have shared photos of the devastation as they work to bring relief to those who survived the hurricane.

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