Dr. Jen Armstrong still has RHOC castmate Noella Bergener blocked on Instagram

Jen Armstrong
Jen Armstrong talks about why she keeps Noella Bergener blocked on Instagram. Pic credit: Bravo

New OC Housewife Dr. Jen Armstrong and newbie Noella Bergener have been at odds almost the entire season. They have failed to see eye to eye, and it has been reported that the second half of the season gets worse for the duo, with accusations coming from both sides.

On Wednesday night’s episode, it was revealed that Jen blocked Noella on Instagram, which Noella discovered after trying to tag Jen in a photo. On the following episode of the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen After Show, Jen said Noella is still blocked and will remain so until she sees changes in Noella.

Jen said Noella needs to ‘respect’ her

A viewer question to Jen was if she had unblocked Noella yet on Instagram, and if not, what would it take for Jen to unblock her. Jen’s answer was simple – “A little bit of respect and trust.”

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She elaborated, “I need a little trust-building and some respect. I need to see her grow as a person for me to be internet friends.” Jen said she blocked Noella initially because she claimed Noella spread lies about her and her medical practice, ArmstongMD.

“You can have your opinion of me, you can think that I’m ugly or thirsty or whatever she’s called me — she’s called me all these names — but there’s things that you can’t do: You can’t make up blatant, false lies about myself, my practice, my family,” Dr. Jen said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight last month. “You’re not allowed to do that.”

Has Dr. Jen Armstrong Unblocked Noella Bergener on Instagram? | WWHL

Another reason Jen blocked Noella was seen at the beginning of the season when Noella confronted Jen about tagging her in a promotional post without her consent, which Noella didn’t appreciate. Noella said in regards to the post, “No, I did not get furiously upset with her because she tagged me in a post.” She continued, “It’s weird — it’s definitely weird — but it’s not the end of the world, scorched earth kind of stuff.”

Jen claims Noella was not welcoming to her

The two Housewives should have hit it off and bonded over being the new girls in the group, but that was not the case from the very beginning. Jen claimed Noella was cold to her and referred to her as thirsty after the Instagram tag issue in the first episode.

Jen can sympathize with Noella’s marriage issues, though. Both ladies have endured marital woes during the season. Jen was not in a good place with her husband, Ryne, and Noella’s husband, Sweet James Bergener, blindsided her by filing for divorce. Jen also said that she feels sorry for James for having to be married to Noella. She even went so far as to say that Noella’s marriage was a sham and found Noella’s stories inconsistent.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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