Dr. Cheyenne Bryant says Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards have ‘really beautiful’ co-parenting relationship

Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards IG selfies
Maci and Ryan now share a “beautiful” co-parenting relationship. Pic credit: @macideshanebookout and @mackedwards95/Instagram

Longtime Teen Mom viewers know that Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards have struggled to co-parent their son, Bentley. But now, Dr. Cheyenne Bryant says the exes have grown considerably.

Amid their intense sessions with Coach B – as the cast of Teen Mom Family Reunion affectionately refers to Dr. Bryant – the moms work through their struggles, and she helps them build better relationships with people in their lives.

Maci has struggled to co-parent effectively with Ryan, mostly due to his absence in 14-year-old Bentley’s life, due to his drug addiction battles, and trouble with the law.

Maci and Ryan haven’t spoken in quite some time, further adding to their broken relationship.

In a recent interview with The Sun, Coach B revealed that Maci wanted to work on her relationship with Ryan and, with her help, was successful.

Of all of the cast members, Coach B says that Maci has grown the most.

Coach B teases ‘very deep emotional scene’ between Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards

“I have to say the most growth would have to go to Maci, Ryan, and Bentley,” Coach B told the publication. She also acknowledged that Bentley had taken the brunt of the broken relationship since his parents haven’t been able to peacefully co-parent, and he’s missed out on time spent with his biological father.

Without spoiling Maci’s storyline this season on Teen Mom Family Reunion, Coach B added, “And so Maci and Ryan, without giving away too much, they were able to really come to a really beautiful co-parenting medium. And Bentley also was able to witness that and be a part of that as well as [Maci’s husband], Taylor [McKinney].”

The life coach and psychology expert noted that Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers will be “in awe” and “very surprised” at the progress Maci and Ryan were able to achieve.

Will Ryan Edwards appear on Season 2 of Teen Mom Family Reunion?

Ryan and his entire family – including Jen and Larry and his wife, Mackenzie – were fired by MTV in March 2021. Reportedly, Maci wasn’t pleased that her storyline centered around her issues with Ryan and his family and instead wanted to focus on her accomplishments.

So far, on Season 2 of Teen Mom Family Reunion, Maci has stayed out of the drama involving the rest of the cast. But she kicked things off with a bang when she bungee-jumped off a bridge during an exercise in which Coach B encouraged the moms to face their fears.

Although Ryan wasn’t physically present for his and Maci’s “very deep emotional scene” during Teen Mom Family Reunion, Coach B promises that Ryan “showed up in a way that people have never seen him show up.”

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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