Dorinda Medley shares her side of the vaccine fight with Vicki Gunvalson on RHUGT Season 2

Dorinda Vicki
Dorinda and Vicki battled over the COVID-19 vaccine on RHUGT. Pic credit: Bravo

Dorinda Medley was the host for the second season of Bravo’s The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, which was filmed at her estate in the Berkshires, Bluestone Manor.

Ultimate Girls Trip is proving to be no different than any other housewives franchise – Season 1 had fights, drama, and broken friendships. Season 2 is shaping up to be even more dramatic, and it started with a huge fight between the host and the OG of the OC, Vicki Gunvalson.

The two butted heads almost immediately during a discussion about COVID-19 vaccines, and well, they had opinions!

Dorinda Medley said she made her views ‘clear’ to Vicki Gunvalson

In a recent interview, Dorinda said that the argument about the COVID-19 vaccine started when Vicki began to involve politics, not science, in her views.

She said, “I felt like there were a lot of people that just…weren’t as educated about it and sort of started listening to hearsay. For me, it was [all about] science.”

Dorinda has been a supporter of the vaccine and an advocate for safety protocols since 2020, and Vicki has come under fire from Bravo fans after repeatedly spreading misinformation.

Dorinda said the issue was not about Democrats or Republicans, and that “you know, you can’t make fleeting statements about COVID and you can’t be flip about it,” suggesting that Vicki made generalizations about the vaccine that were not based on facts.

Dorinda spoke of her decision to get vaccinated and said it was based on information from medical professionals, not word of mouth.

“I just was kind of clear about my views on that. You know I like to be clear on my views. Especially after a couple martinis, I get very clear,” she said of her heated discussion with Vicki.

What were Vicki’s views on the vaccine?

It has been reported that Vicki told her RHUGT castmates that “everyone who got the vaccine is going to die.”

Vicki later clarified, “My conversation with Dorinda was specifically about a man I know who didn’t have a history of blood clots and unfortunately passed away from a pulmonary embolism, which happened to occur after he took the second dose of the vaccine.”

The OC housewife now claims, “It’s different where I stand now. But at that time, which was September of last year, quite a while ago, it’s a different stance than where I am now,” and insists she is “not anti-vax.

Vicki does agree with Dorinda on one point – that she believes the vaccine is political.

“I told [Dorinda] it’s political and she didn’t agree, and if it’s not political then why is the government mandating it?” Vicki continued, “So, you can believe what you wanna believe, but the facts are the facts. So, she has her opinions and I respect it. I just didn’t think she respected my opinion.”

In an episode of the Unpopular podcast, Tamra Judge confirmed the battle between Dorinda and Vicki and said that co-star Brandi Glanville was also involved because she was also pro-vaccine.

Along with Dorinda and Vicki, the second season of Ultimate Girl Trip featured Jill Zarin, Taylor Armstrong, Brandi Glanville, Tamra Judge, Phaedra Parks, and Eva Marcille.

The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip Season 2 premiere has yet to be announced.

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