Does Rob betray Aaron on Love Island USA? Here’s what we know

Aaron Evans and Rob Bausch on Love Island.
Does Rob betray his best friend in the villa? Pic credit: Peacock

We can always count on Love Island USA to switch things up when we least expect it.

Thursday’s new episode of the veteran dating series continued the Casa Amor drama as the boys and girls explored connections with a new crop of islanders.

Of course, the biggest twist was saved for Friday’s dramatic recoupling episode.

Despite the intrigue surrounding how Kaylor Martin and Serena Page react to meeting Aaron Evans and Kordell Beckham, the teaser took things in a shocking direction.

Aaron has been romancing Daniela Ortiz Rivera throughout his time at Casa Amor, but the relationship could hit a significant snag before the recoupling.

The footage shows Aaron’s BFF, Rob Rausch, shooting his shot with Daniela in what has become a betrayal of trust toward his friend.

Aaron and Rob have had a bromance all season

Aaron and Rob have been in a bromance the entire season, with Aaron crying twice when he thought Rob was being dumped from the island.

So, it’s super concerning that Rob tries to pull a robbery on his latest love interest.

Love Island USA producers like to get fans talking about the show, so it’s possible that Aaron gave Rob the green light to pursue Daniela.

In Rob’s defense, every woman he’s ended up with post-Leah Kateb has been dumped from the island.

So, maybe he sees Daniela as his last chance to find love and remain on the show.

If Aaron had theoretically given Rob the go-ahead, then there’s a good chance that Aaron would have returned to the villa alone, which could seal his fate on the show.

Thursday’s episode showcased Kaylor learning that Aaron had been getting closer to Daniela, seemingly putting a spanner in the recoupling plans.

Kaylor will probably cut Aaron loose at the recoupling

Kaylor will likely choose to couple up with one of the new boys.

The teaser showcases Aaron’s livid reaction to Kaylor, revealing that she received video footage from Casa Amor.

Love Island prides itself on throwing brutal twists into the narrative to shake up the villa dynamics. That’s why it remains a successful format despite being used in countless countries worldwide.

With the vibe being so off in the main villa, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise for Rob to go behind Aaron’s back because it isn’t called Friend Island.

Love Island USA airs Thursday-Tuesday on Peacock at 9/8c.

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