Does Max on Below Deck Med get fired?

Max Salvador on Below Deck Med Season 8
Max has been struggling since he joined the Below Deck Med crew. Pic credit: Bravo

Max Salvador on Below Deck Med Season 8 has struggled since joining the crew as a deckhand.

There have only been a few episodes featuring Max, and none of it has painted him in a very good light.

The language barrier has certainly caused problems, and Max’s heavy accent makes him hard to understand. However, the real problem isn’t his accent but his work ethic.

Bosun Luka Brunton, new lead deckhand Lara Du Preez, and deckhand Haleigh Gorman have had enough of Max.

Captain Sandy Yawn also finally saw firsthand the impact Max has been having on the deck team.

All of that has Below Deck Med fans wondering if Max will last the entire season.

Does Max on Below Deck Med get fired?

Max’s nonchalant attitude towards work certainly doesn’t bode well for him sticking around as a member of the Mustique crew.

Not only has he made docking and pulling up the anchor very challenging, but his lack of knowledge and desire to work could prove dangerous.

We all know Captain Sandy is all about safety protocol. After witnessing how Max has been making things more difficult for the deck team, it would be a surprise if she didn’t fire him.

However, it’s not uncommon for a captain to keep a crew member simply because a new one isn’t available immediately. Honestly, though, Luka, Lara, and Haleigh could definitely handle the deck by themselves until a newbie arrived if it meant not having to deal with Max.

While Max’s future may be up in the air, one thing is not. Below Deck Med fans are over him.

Below Deck Med fans sound off on Max Salvador

Twitter has been on fire with opinions about Max, and they are not great.

“#BelowDeckMed having Max on board is like supervising a child wow Luca told him not to dump the bucket overboard and he did it anyway he’s being a pest good thing Luca is really patient but I have a feeling those patients will run out,.” read one tweet.

Another viewer shared that they simply can’t wait for Max to be off the show.

A different tweet made it clear the user has had enough of Max.

Max was called out for not listening or following directions while also insisting that he hadn’t been given any direction.

“Of all the accents we’ve had on this show, Max has got to be the hardest to understand. #BelowDeckMed,” said another tweet with a picture of Below Deck Down Under star Aesha Scott.

Below Deck Med star Max Salvador seems poised to be the next Season 8 crew member to go.

The trailer teased that Captain Sandy Yawn fired more than one crew member this season. Since she didn’t technically fire Ruan Irving, Max would be her first firing on Season 8 of Below Deck Med.

Do you think Max should get the boot?

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Linda Parkin
Linda Parkin
8 months ago


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Let him finish out, or sit him down and give him a warning!!