Does Jess from Below Deck Adventure quit?

Chef Jessica Condy Below Deck Adventure confessional.
Chef Jess is losing her patience with the Mercury crew on Below Deck Adventure. Pic credit: Bravo

Does Jess from Below Deck Adventure quit? That’s a question on Below Deck fans’ minds, as the latest spin-off left viewers with a bit of a cliffhanger this week.

Chef Jessica Condy has been struggling over the past couple of episodes, especially when it comes to the communication between her and chief stew Faye Clarke.

Things went from bad to worse when a recent group of charter guests found hair in their food more than once.

Faye kept it from Captain Kerry Titheradge, but the guests spilled the tea on it as they departed the Mercury yacht.

As the new charter kicked off, the most recent episode ended with Faye and Jess having yet another tense argument in the galley.

The preview footage tenses a major Jess meltdown and a talk with Captain Kerry that goes sideways, leaving viewers to wonder if Jess will be the next crew member to leave the show.

Does Jess quit Below Deck Adventure?

In the next week on footage, Jess breaks down in tears in the galley as Captain Kerry wants her to put a smile on and get through the shift. The words are not what she wants to hear, resulting in the chef and captain having a serious talk.

When Captain Kerry calls her behavior “borderline intimidation” and reveals he won’t tolerate it, Jess claps back by saying perhaps she’s “come to the end of her yachting experience.”

The clip certainly gives off the impression that Jess quits. Jess doesn’t feel the Mercury yacht is the place for her anymore. Jess appears to be done with Faye, the work, and the guests in general.

However, as Below Deck fans know, things aren’t always as they seem on the show. Only a couple of charters remain, so there’s a good chance Captain Kerry will convince Jess to stick it out.

After all, it took quite a while to get a new deckhand when Captain Kerry fired Kyle Dickard. The crew can’t be down a chef, that’s for sure.

The simple answer to whether Jess actually quit is that it all depends on her mindset and just how frustrated Captain Kerry is with her.

It’s worth noting, though, that Jess’ Instagram account has no mention of her time on Below Deck Adventure. The chef doesn’t have a single post about the show and doesn’t have it listed in her bio.

In fact, her bio has her occupation listed as a blogger, but she also hasn’t posted in nearly a year.

Captain Kerry Titheradge weighs in on Jessica Condy

On Wednesday, Captain Kerry stopped by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to dish on all things Below Deck Adventure. During a game Andy likes to play called 1 2 Agree or Disagree, Captain Kerry was asked a couple of statements about Jess that he had to agree or disagree with.

The first one had Andy suggesting that since Jess gets so annoyed by guest food requests, perhaps she shouldn’t be working on a yacht. Captain Kerry quickly agreed with that.

Next was Andy declaring a chef not replating a guest’s food after a hair was found in it was an “unforgivable offense.” The captain again agreed quickly with the statement.

Captain Kerry also admitted that Faye and her communication issues were not responsible for the issues Jess was having in the galley.

Jessica Condy’s days on Below Deck Adventure could be coming to an end, but viewers will have to tune in next week to find out if she does leave or if Captain Kerry Titheradge can smooth things over.

Do you want Jess to quit or stick around?

Below Deck Adventure airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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