Does Jared get fired on Below Deck?

Jared Woodin on Below Deck Season 11
Jared continues to spiral on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Does Jared get fired on Below Deck? That’s the question on Below Deck fans’ minds after the bosun yet again made more than one serious mistake in one episode.

Jared Woodin has struggled as a bosun since the first day he boarded the St. David yacht.

The bosun clearly doesn’t have the experience needed to lead the deck team or manage such a big vessel.

Adding more struggles for Jared is his inability to FaceTime with his daughter on their scheduled days.

Jared has also had some incidents when drunk, including the most recent crew night out screaming at deckhand Kyle Stillie and waking up Captain Kerry Titheradge.

All this, plus his unannounced barging into Barbie Pascual’s bunk, has Below Deck fans wondering if Jared’s time is up on the show.

Does Jared get fired on Below Deck?

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Captain Kerry Titheradge hinted that Below Deck Season 11 has a record number of firings. Below Deck fans have long thought that Jared would be the first crew member Captain Kerry sends packing.

The trailer for next week’s episode of Below Deck has only added fuel to the fire that Jared gets fired. Captain Kerry goes over the events of the previous night with Kyle and Barbie.

It seems that Jared’s drunken actions regarding how he treated Kyle, especially not knocking before he entered Barbie’s cabin, concern the captain.

All signs point to Captain Kerry getting rid of Jared. The captain has given him plenty of changes and even tried to help him amid his struggles with keeping in contact with his daughter.

However, Captain Kerry just lectured Jared for his drinking and not correctly calling distances when docking. Having more issues not even a day later leads us to believe that the helpful and caring Captain Kerry will reach his breaking point.

Below Deck fans weigh in on Jared Woodin

It’s safe to say that Below Deck fans are ready to have Jared off their screens. X (formerly Twitter) was on fire during the most recent episode with viewers taking aim at the bosun.

“Okay, Jared is pissing me off now #BelowDeck” read an X.

Another X user went off on drunk Jared and his “insane” behavior.

“Jared should just go home.. #BelowDeck,” said one X user.

There was an X user who said what we all know and that is Below Deck has been leading to Jared leaving since the first episode.

“Okay, Jared is pissing me off now #BelowDeck,” wrote an X user.

Yes, Below Deck fans would have no problem with Captain Kerry Titheradge firing Bosun Jared Woodin. All signs point to that happening in the next episode.

That’s not all Below Deck fans sounded off on following the most recent episode. Cat Baugh was one hot topic among viewers, not in a good way.

Do you agree that Jared needs to go, or should Captain Kerry give him another chance?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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