Does Camille get fired from Below Deck?

Camille Lamb on Below Deck Season 10
Camille struggles on Below Deck Season 10. Pic credit: Bravo

Camille Lamb from Below Deck has certainly brought the drama on Season 10 of the hit yachting show.

The blonde bombshell has made waves with several other crew members, including both her bosses, Fraser Olender and Ross McHarg.

In each episode, including the one where Captain Lee Rosbach left the St. David luxury yacht, Camille clashes with Alissa Humber, and things are only getting worse between them.

After her attitude toward Alissa was heard by Captain Sandy Yawn in the latest episode, Camille was given one charter to get her act together.

The news didn’t sit well with Camille, who had a meltdown that was interrupted by Alissa, sparking another heated exchange, at least on Camille’s part.

There were no previews for next week, only the words “To Be Continued” flashed on the screen, and it left Below Deck viewers wondering about Camille’s future on the show.

Does Camille get fired from Below Deck?

Based on everything that has gone down on Below Deck this season, all signs point to Camille not making it until the end. The way she spoke to Fraser and threw Captain Sandy under the bus are not good signs, that’s for sure.

However, it’s truly her work ethic and her butting heads with Alissa that will likely cause Camille to not be on the show much longer. The question really remains, will she get fired, or will she quit?

Camille doesn’t really strike us as a quitter but rather more of an “I didn’t do anything wrong” person, so all bets are on her getting fired. After all, she did clap back at Captain Lee this week via social media when he had some thoughts about her.

There’s a chance that Captain Sandy may give her the opportunity to resign instead of firing her, but that all remains to be seen based on what happens in the next episode. Camille’s meltdown will certainly not sit well with some of the crew members.

Camille Lamb developed Below Deck friendships

Although a good portion of the seasons has focused on Camille clashing with her colleagues, the American Idol alum created friendships with a couple of her costars.

Camille and deckhand Ben Willoughby have been steaming things up during their time working on the St. David yacht. They even had a little cabin hookup while his bunkmate Tony.

Aside from her boatmance, Camille also grew close with her cabinmate, Katie Glaser. The two recently showed off their friendship as they posed in little black dresses for a girls’ night out that was also for charity.

The other day, Camille used Instagram Stories to express her love for Below Deck’s Hayley De Sola Pinto, and in this case, we have to agree with Camille, Hayley’s the best.

Camille Lamb Hayley IG Story
Pic credit: @camillelambb/Instagram

Camille Lamb may not last until the end of Below Deck Season 10, but she certainly has been an interesting one to watch during her time on the show.

Do you think Camille should be fired?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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