Does Alaskan Bush People’s Gabe Brown have a girlfriend?

Gabe Brown on Alaskan Bush People
Gabe Brown perfecting the rugged look on Alaskan Bush People

The Alaskan Bush People men have a lot of adoring fans — and Gabe Brown is definitely one of the hunkiest.

His rugged look, muscular physique and sideburns have earned him an army of female followers.

But the question everyone wants to know the answer to is — does Gabe have a girlfriend?

Judging by a string of recent posts on his social media, the answer to that question is no.

We told earlier this year how the Alaskan Bush People star appeared to be pining after a lost love after posting a string of emotional messages on his Instagram page.

In one he told how he had lost the “only friend” he had wanted to follow him on social media in the first place.

In another one he added: “If anyone sees my best BFF friend forever tell her hey for me I still think she’s amazing beautiful and so cool.”

We told how he later deleted the emotional posts, and there were rumors he had decided to quit the show.

A more recent post showed Gabe in a hotel room in Los Angeles lying by the fire with his top off and a rose in his mouth, describing his night as a “romantic evening for one”.

Gabe has not updated his profiles recently, with speculation that something had happened to the star. However, sister Rain recently told how he had just lost his phone.

With Gabe’s previous message, and the lack of any female acquaintances appearing on any of his or his family’s social media accounts, all the evidence points to Gabe not having a girlfriend.

However, we’ll keep you updated if there’s any developments. Watch this space!

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