Does Aaron Evans quit Love Island USA? Here’s what we know

Aaron Evans on Love Island USA.
Aaron Evans may have exited Love Island USA. Pic credit: Peacock

Aaron Evans has had Love Island USA fans pressed ever since he waltzed into Casa Amor and romanced Daniela Ortiz Rivera despite having a weeks-long relationship with Kaylor Martin.

As a winner of The Traitors UK, it’s clear he’s no stranger to reality TV, but he’s continually made terrible decisions throughout his time in the villa.

Despite his bright connection with Kaylor, he entered Casa Amor and became close to one of the new bombshells.

Upon returning to the main villa, he made it his mission to downplay what he got up to while away from Kaylor, which rubbed fans the wrong way.

The big issue here is that Aaron never tells Kaylor the whole story, so from her perspective, she’s confused every time new information comes out.

Tuesday’s Movie Night drama started with a video of Aaron getting close to Daniela, kissing her, and then telling her he couldn’t get off the ground in the aftermath.

Aaron has been called out in recent weeks

This was considerably more than what he had claimed happened to Kaylor and also seemingly made most of the men look like liars because Kaylor still hasn’t learned the full extent of what went down.

Despite taking him back, their relationship has continually been tested. Monday’s episode ended with them at an impasse as Aaron gave Kaylor an ultimatum to drop the Casa Amor drama so they could move on.

Of course, Kaylor got close to him again, only for the Movie Night footage to drive another wedge between them.

The preview for Thursday’s new episode revealed that even more drama will come as Movie Night, “the sequel,” will share even more Casa Amor antics.

Understandably, it seemingly proves too much for Kaylor, and there’s a high chance it will decide whether she will continue pursuing her British lover.

However, the tease for the upcoming episode also showcased Aaron storming off and tearing off his microphone, hinting that the latest drama is too much for him.

Has Aaron walked out of the villa for good?

Does he walk out of the villa? With the series taking the night off, we have time to stew and ponder the possibilities.

In the past, Love Island USA and its UK counterpart have revealed that someone has walked from the villa before it airs on TV, so there’s a good chance Aaron has not walked away from the show.

Plus, if he wanted to leave, there’s a good chance producers would manage to talk him into staying on the show because, when you think about it, he’s been at the core of most of the action so far.

There’s also the chance that Kaylor would follow him out of the villa, changing the trajectory of the final weeks of the season.

Monsters and Critics will keep you updated on the latest developments.

Love Island USA airs Thursdays-Tuesdays on Peacock.

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