Divine_Maria on Instagram: Caesar’s ‘ex’ from Before the 90 Days lets fans follow main account

Maria on 90 Day Fiance
Maria is letting 90 Day Fiance fans see more of her life. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance fans have seen more of Caesar Mack’s “girlfriend,” Maria, since Before the 90 Days ended than they ever did while the show was airing.

Now, the blonde beauty is even more available than ever before. As Before the 90 Days was airing, she could be seen on her secondary Instagram account, @vodka.ontherocks.

On Friday, Maria opened up her main Instagram account, @divine_maria and shared a message with those whom she allowed to follow her on social media.

In a new post, she wrote, “Hello my dear friends ! As I’ve got many requests on this account, I decided to make it public. I want to say thanks for the all nice comments and direct messages, I really appreciate it.”

The account is still private so those wanting to see what Maria posts on a day-to-day basis will have to request that she allow them in. That said, it’s probably worth getting her approval because it looks like she’ll be sharing more details about what really went down with her and Caesar.

“So many things I want to share and tell my truth finally!!!” Maria told her fans. “And I hope somehow you will see another side of this story.Real story. My story. Wish you all good day with positive vibes and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !”

Maria also made sure to let her 90 Day Fiance following know that she only has two Instagram accounts, @divine_maria and @vodka.ontherocks. Any other accounts posting her pictures are not actually her.

It turns out that Maria’s main Instagram account actually has more followers on it, with more than 8,000, than the one we knew about during her brief time on Before the 90 Days.

As for those wishing to follow her there, Maria has just one request, that “people without sense of humor don’t disturb please.” We can’t say we blame her for that.

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