Did Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham hint at having more kids?

Farrah Abraham at the Los Angeles Convention Center
Farrah poses on the red carpet for an event at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham might be planning ahead to expand her family.

Teen Mom viewers first met Farrah in 2009 when she became famous as a teenage mother on MTV’s now-defunct Teen Mom OG.

Farrah welcomed her daughter, Sophia Abraham, on February 23, 2009, less than two months after Sophia’s father and Farrah’s boyfriend, Derek Underwood, passed away in a car accident.

These days, Farrah is 31 years old, and her only child, Sophia, is 14.

A recent Instagram share by Farrah may indicate that the former MTV star may be looking to give Sophia some siblings, however.

Farrah shared two slides to her IG Story earlier this week talking about reasons to consider freezing one’s eggs.

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham shares ‘reasons to consider egg freezing’

The post was originally shared to Kind Body’s IG feed in February 2023 and was liked by Farrah. The first slide read, “5 Reasons to Consider Egg Freezing,” and prompted viewers to slide right to learn more.

farrah abraham posts about freezing eggs in her Instagram story
Farrah shared two slides in her Story about reasons for wanting to freeze eggs. Pic credit: @farrahabraham/Instagram

Farrah’s second slide listed the reasons, which included “You have personal/career goals to meet before starting a family, You haven’t found the right partner yet, You are waiting for financial stability, You have a medical condition that can affect your fertility, and You are not sure you want children, but would like to have younger eggs available.”

As Kind Body’s post explained, “Egg freezing can be an empowering option for those who want biological children in the future.” According to UCLA Health, egg freezing, also known as oocyte cryopreservation, “is a process in which a woman’s eggs (oocytes) are extracted, frozen and stored as a method to preserve reproductive potential in women of reproductive age.”

Egg freezing is also an alternative to IVF, or in-vitro fertilization, and is said to provide a higher chance of pregnancy success.

Farrah didn’t caption her shares, leaving her followers to wonder about the premise behind sharing the posts.

This isn’t the first time Farrah has hinted at expanding her family, though.

Farrah previously said she will adopt Ukrainian children

As Monsters and Critics reported last year, Farrah wrote in another IG Story that she intends to adopt Ukrainian children. At the height of the Russo-Ukrainian war, Farrah told her followers, “I will adopt Ukrainian Children – no Ukrainian deserves to be tortured for being who they are or where they live.”

Farrah also isn’t the first mom from the Teen Mom franchise to open up about egg freezing and/or retrieval. Teen Mom 2 alum Kailyn Lowry admitted to undergoing IVF and egg retrieval in case she decides she wants more kids in the future.

Kailyn told Us Weekly of her plans, “I don’t have any intentions any time soon to have more children, but I’m going through IVF and egg retrievals so that I can potentially have the chance in the future if that’s what I want.”

Whether there is any personal motive behind Farrah’s posts or if she was sharing the information for other reasons remains to be seen, so stay tuned.

Teen Mom Family Reunion is currently on hiatus.

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