Did Paola Mayfield just admit Russ Mayfield wants to move home?

90 Day Fiance star Paola Mayfield says husband want to move back home
Russ Mayfield might move back home amid his breakup with Paola Mayfield. Pic credit: TLC

Russ Mayfield might be moving back to Oklahoma City now that his marriage to Paola Mayfield is on the rocks. At least that’s the assumption being made based on a recent comment from Paola.

When we first met the couple on 90 Day Fiance, Russ was actually working full time in his hometown. However, Paola wasn’t happy there because her modeling career was stagnant in Oklahoma. She wanted to move to Miami so that her career could take off, but Russ was hesitant about leaving.

Eventually, Paola made the move on her own, and despite Russ’s hesitancy to relocate, he later joined his wife in Miami as the distance started to take a toll on their marriage.

However, finding a job proved difficult for Russ and he eventually had to settle for a lower-paying position than he previously had. But now that things might be over between Paola and Russ is he ready to move back home?

Paola Mayfield says Russ wants to move back home

Paola recently shared a sexy photo on her Instagram page but many people in the comment section were more concerned about Russ and Paola’s personal life.

The 90 Day Fiance star’s latest post also garnered quite a few comments about her husband.

“At least Russ will go back to his hometown where he will get a job…” wrote one commenter whose remark garnered a response from Paola.

“bc that is what he wants,” she commented.

Will Russ Mayfield return to Oklahoma ?
Pic credit:@paola_mayfield/Instagram

Speaking of “home” It’s not clear where the estranged couple is living right now after moving into an RV together a few months ago. Russ and Paola made the decision to ditch their Miami pad for financial reasons, but it would be quite awkward for both of them to live in such close quarters amid their breakup.

Would Russ Mayfield return to Oklahoma?

90 Day Fiance viewers are well aware that Russ had a very hard time getting a well-paying job when he moved from Oklahoma to Miami. As a matter of fact, before Paola packed up and left Oklahoma without Russ, her desire to relocate was a major point of contention between them.

After a while, Russ had no choice but to move to Miami to be with his wife, but finding a job proved hard for the Oklahoma native who worked as an oil engineer.

It’s been a few years since the pair made the move and by all accounts, they seemed to be doing well, so it’s hard to tell if his job is still concerning enough for Russ to return home.

Furthermore, Russ and Paola also share a son, Axel is he willing to move hours away even if things don’t work out with Paola?

For now, things are still up in the air for Russ and Paola so let’s just wait and see if what they do next.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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