Did Nikki Exotika and Justin get back together? Here’s what the 90 Day Fiance couple had to say

Igor Shutencov and Nikki Exotika IG selfie
Igor and Nikki pose for a selfie during happier times. Pic credit: @nikkiexotika/Instagram

Nikki Exotika and Justin Moldova‘s love story ended on 90 Day Fiance this season.

Their 17-year-long romance began on a Moldovan dating site, but after Nikki revealed that she was transgender, Justin got cold feet, and they pumped the brakes on their relationship.

After taking some time apart, Justin readily accepted Nikki’s gender identity, and they gave love another shot.

But as we watched in Season 10 of 90 Day Fiance, getting back together didn’t mean smooth sailing for these two.

They often argued over the fact that Nikki felt as though Justin wasn’t dedicated enough to their relationship. Eventually, Justin (real name Igor Shutencov) called it off via text message after he’d “had it” with her.

After this week’s episode aired and viewers had time to digest all of the couples’ happy (and not-so-happy) endings, Nikki took to Instagram to clear the air about her and Justin’s relationship.

Nikki Exotika speaks out about her and Justin Moldova’s relationship status

She began by sharing a montage of videos and photos during her and Justin’s happiest moments together.

“I’m posting this video so people can stop creating false narratives of my life and speculating on my love story with Igor,” Nikki wrote in the video caption.

She explained that the amount of judgment they received about their relationship played a role in their split and told her followers to wait for the two-part Tell All to find out what really went down.

“Once you see the 2 part TELL-ALL then you’ll get all your answers and where we are today,” she teased.

Nikki then headed to her IG Stories, where she elaborated even more on her and Justin’s tumultuous love story.

The 47-year-old called Justin’s breakup text “heartless” and shared they broke up in July.

Justin and Nikki gave their love another chance last year

After some time apart, they began texting again, and Justin invited her to celebrate his birthday in September, so she obliged and flew to Moldova after filming for 90 Day Fiance.

nikki exotika's instagram story slides
Nikki shares with her fans. Pic credit: @nikkiexotika/Instagram

At that time, Nikki claimed that she and Justin were still in love and were willing to give their relationship another try, this time taking things slowly, especially since Justin’s K-1 visa was “still processing.”

Nikki noted that she wasn’t able to spill all the tea, and made it clear that she didn’t sign up for 90 Day Fiance for “notoriety, fame or a tv show.”

She promised her followers a video, which she would later delete, explaining her and Justin’s “genuine” love for each other.

She ended her Story by telling her fans, “There’s a lot you don’t know, so I’ll leave the details for my BOOK.”

nikki exotika's instagram story slides
Nikki elaborates further with her followers. Pic credit: @nikkiexotika/Instagram

Justin remained tight-lipped and told 90 Day Fiance fans to watch the Tell All to get all the tea

So, what does Justin have to say about the status of his and Nikki’s love affair?

In a recent Instagram post, Justin was asked whether he and Nikki were still together.

justin moldova answers a fan's comment on instagram
Justin responds to his followers. Pic credit: @justinmoldova/Instagram

In response, Justin kept mum, telling his followers, “Still can’t discuss this topic, on the ‘Tell All’ is the answer.”

90 Day Fiance fans certainly have a lot left to unpack during this season’s two-part Tell All because, as we know, that’s where the real drama unfolds, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Part 1 of the 90 Day Fiance Season 10 Tell All airs on Sunday, March 3, at 8/7c on TLC.

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