Did Michael from 90 Day Fiance come to America?

Michael Ilesanmi on 90 Day Fiance
Michael really wants to come to America but will he make it? Pic credit: TLC

Angela and Michael have returned for Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance but so far, Michael has not made his way to America yet.

Fans of the TLC series are split on having Angela and Michael back on the show. Many have complained about Angela’s antics — from hitting Michael in the face with a cake on Season 3 of Before the 90 Days to her clash with Rebecca Parrott, Avery Mills and Avery’s mom Teri at the Tell All.

But still, many 90 Day Fiance fans have been willing to sit through another installment of the infamous couple because they really want to see Michael’s dream of coming to America come true.

So did Michael from 90 Day Fiance come to America?

The answer to that is still murky but plenty of viewers have been looking for clues that Michael made his way to the U.S. from Nigeria.

Recently, one of the best 90 Day Fiance detectives weighed in on whether or not Michael got his K-1 visa. The Instagram blogger and The Fraudcast podcast host @fraudedbytlc discussed Michael’s current status and whether he’s in the U.S. yet or not.

As it turns out, @fraudedbytlc has a source that told her Michael’s K-1 visa has been denied. That hasn’t been completely verified yet but historically, she’s been very accurate with the 90 Day Fiance spoilers and told her Fraudcast audience that the source that shared this information has always been a good one.

Further proving that Michael has not made his way to America is the fact that there are no pictures of him in Georgia to prove he made it. And considering that Angela Deem lives in Hazelhurst, Georgia, a place where the two of them would stick out like a semi-famous sore thumb, it’s safe to say that he probably isn’t here.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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