Did Mahogany Roca get breast implants? 90 Day Fiance fans think so

Mahogany Roca
Did Mahogany Roca get breast implants? Pic credit: @mahogany_roca/Instagram

Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Mahogany Roca was known on the show for presenting herself one way online and looking and acting differently in person in her and Ben Rathbun’s relationship.

Mahogany also tends to go on Instagram hiatuses, but she is back now and back on her filter game, this time with something noticeably different to 90 Day fans.

Mahogany shared a series of seven selfies with her 38.8k Instagram followers, including some shots where she wore fewer clothes than others. Her naturally brown eyes were blue in all the photos.

The first image was of Mahogany with her hair pulled back with strands framing her face, and she was wearing an unbuttoned blue collared shirt.

She was wearing a long-sleeved black shirt with very short jeans shorts and silver heels in the following image she took with her arm outstretched upwards high. The Peruvian native posed from a couch with a low-cut black shirt tucked into white jeans with a belt in the next.

The 23-year-old served a fierce look while rocking a purple bikini top with what looked like shapewear beneath her chest.

The fifth and sixth photos showed Mahogany in that same long-sleeved black top, and for the sixth image, she was back in the purple bikini top for a somewhat distorted picture.

Several 90 Day Fiance fans viewing the photos commented on Mahogany’s changed appearance and the idea that she got breast implants.

90 Day Fiance viewers question Mahogany Roca’s new appearance

The comments section of Mahogany’s post got a lot of attention from supporters and those curious about her changed looks.

One onlooker asked if she got new breast implants, and another questioned when she got them.

Instagram comments on Mahogany Roca's post
Pic credit: @mahogany_roca/Instagram
Instagram comments on Mahogany Roca's post
Pic credit: @mahogany_roca/Instagram

In a comment from a fan asking if Mahogany was still with Ben, a different person commented and insinuated that she was because her supposed implants were a product of that relationship.

Instagram comments on Mahogany Roca's post
Pic credit: @mahogany_roca/Instagram

Mahogany Roca has had filter and photoshop fails in the past

In a since-deleted photo Mahogany shared in October 2022, she was called out on a filter faux pas and photoshop fail.

When viewers saw Mahogany in person on Season 5 of Before the 90 Days, it was apparent that she enhanced her photos in several ways.

Despite receiving criticism from the 90 Day audience, Mahogany has continued to use them.

In the October post, Mahogany captured herself from the chest up in a bra. The problem was that one of her breasts and the bra looked totally distorted from the other.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus.

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