Did Jenelle Evans accuse Deavan Clegg of stealing her anxiety meds?

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans blasts Deavan Clegg in YouTube video
Did Jenelle Evans accuse Deavan Clegg of stealing her Xanax? Pic credit:JenelleEason/YouTube & TLC

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans posted a video to her YouTube channel dishing about the controversial Girl S**t podcast and the drama that led to its cancellation.

Moments after posting the video, her former podcast partner Deavan Clegg went Live on Instagram, bashing Jenelle and even threatened to sue her. But what did Jenelle say that had the TLC star so upset?

What did Jenelle Evans say about Deavan Clegg?

Before she delved into the core of her story Jenelle explained why she was finally dishing about all the podcast drama.

“I want to explain that Deavan has been going Live on other people’s YouTube accounts and she’s been talking a lot about me and Gabby — Gabby Egan the TikToker that…I recruited to the Girls S**t podcast. Yea she’s been talking a lot of s**t lately, she’s been posting TikToks about us, videos about us, she just won’t let this issue go,” said the Teen Mom 2 alum.

Jenelle then recounted some of the issues that occurred during their trip to Tennessee and also claimed at one point her medication went missing.

“While we were at the studio in Tennessee for the Girls podcast, Deavan and Gabby were taken by car by my husband with me to and from the studio for two days. For those two days, Gabby and Deavan would go out to their cars, separately, by themselves and make phone calls I guess to their families to check up…” recounted the 29-year old.

She continued “But when I left Tennessee, my anxiety medicine was missing…and I don’t think Gabby had anything to do with it….it was gone, it was gone at the time when I needed it the most.”

This is the part in the video that led Deavan to lash out in a now-deleted video of her own.

“I just woke up to Jenelle Evans, she’s from Teen Mom, I’m so sick of this,” remarked Deavan. “She is accusing me of doing Xanax and stealing her Xanax that is a crime Jenelle, you cannot accuse someone of that.”

Jenelle must have seen Deavan’s Live because she later posted this to her Instagram Story.

Jenelle Evans responds to Deavan Clegg's Live video
Pic credit:j_evans1219/Instagram

Jenelle Evans has a message for Deavan Clegg

Jenelle said a lot of things in her lengthy YouTube video about the situation surrounding the Girl S**t podcast and the drama with Deavan Clegg who she sometimes referred to as “pregnant girl” for legal reasons.

The MTV alum shared a ton of receipts and screenshots in her video and even accused Deavan of trying to blackmail Gabby Egan. However, Jenelle also issued a warning to the mom-of-two.

“I just wanna let you know that I have a lawyer that is involved pregnant girl, and she’s in Utah so anytime you wanna get your lawyer involved and try to sue me, I’m ready. And if you keep mentioning me and keep referring to me in your videos I will take legal action.”

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