Did Farrah Abraham accidentally reveal her ‘boyfriend’?

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham isn’t going to let those prostitution rumors ride. Pic credit: @Image Collect/StarMaxWorldwide

Last week, rumors that Farrah Abraham worked as a high-class prostitute intensified, as Farrah’s mother, Debra Danielson allegedly confirmed it on Instagram after a fan asked if she was ashamed of her daughter. The comment was quickly deleted, but unfortunately for Farrah and Deb, the Internet never forgets.

And not only does the Internet never forget, but it’s also really good at sleuthing. Several amateur Sherlock Holmes’ think they have linked Farrah Abraham to her sugar daddy, a boyfriend or perhaps someone who is paying her to be with him.

Of course, there is only circumstantial evidence thus far, but it is pretty compelling.

Previous reports of Farrah’s alleged prostitution stated that she was often going to Dubai to meet up with men. The travel can be corroborated by her Instagram, but of course, what she does there is still a bit of a mystery.

But, the former reality star has been posting all over her social media that she’s in Dubai again. She’s heavily suggested she’s with someone, calling the mystery man “zaddy” and calling activities “romantic.”

Internet super-sleuths discovered that suspiciously, Steven Taylor, a premier footballer from the United Kingdom is in Dubai as well. Not only is he in Dubai, but he’s also staying at the same hotel as Farrah. Okay, that could be a coincidence.

But, on June 30, they both took a spin on the same private boat and posted the evidence to their Instagrams. You can see the evidence below.

Steven Taylor has a tabloid reputation of being a “player,” and has earned himself the nickname of “love rat.” He also turned off his comments once people realized the possible connection to Farrah, but has recently turned them back on.

Is Farrah dating him? Is she getting a check for hanging out with him? Or, is it all just a really timely coincidence?

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