Did Clare Crawley and Dale Moss split? The Bachelorette fans think so because of this

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss
The Bachelorette star Clare Crawley and Dale Moss may have split after she missed out on an important occasion. Pic credit: @clarecrawley/Instagram

The Bachelorette star Clare Crawley and Dale Moss may have broken up.

Bachelor Nation keeps a close eye on its favorite couples, and fans have picked up on an indication that Dale and Clare are no longer together.

Dale celebrated his 33rd birthday on September 25. He uploaded a picture of himself celebrating with a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline.

He captioned his birthday post, “At 33, God has been good to me! Can’t say thank you enough for all the birthday wishes and the many amazing people God has and will continue to put in my life. Beyond grateful!”

While many fans congratulated Dale on his 33rd trip around the sun, others noticed that Clare was missing from the picture.

The two had been posting more pictures together recently, so Clare’s absence concerned fans.

The Bachelorette fans question Clare’s absence

On Dale’s post, one fan wrote, “Where is @clarecrawley.”

Many replied to the fan’s comment that they were also “wondering” where she was.

Comments on Dale Moss's Instagram post
Pic credit: @dalemoss13/Instagram

One user even noticed that Clare didn’t even give him a birthday shout-out on her own social media, writing “me too ? didn’t see her post or tag him in his stories. Hope they are ok.”

Comments on Dale Moss's Instagram pos
Pic credit: @dalemoss13/Instagram

Another curious fan commented, “Anyone else notice [Clare] missing??”

“don’t know but not a good sign imho. Maybe they are just taking space,” one fan theorized.

Another noticed Clare was nowhere to be seen in Dale’s comment section either.

 They wrote, “not only missing but no like or Happy Birthday comment…I hope she’s ok…”

Comments on Dale Moss's Instagram pos
Pic credit: @dalemoss13/Instagram

Meanwhile, even though the pair wasn’t officially back together, Dale was a big part of Clare’s 40th birthday this year.

He planned a trip for Napa, California and the two spent the weekend together there.

Clare posts concerning Instagram story

Clare’s absence from Dale’s birthday comes after she issued a cryptic Instagram story.

Clare posted a picture on her Instagram story of her dog in a woman’s hands. It appears that woman may be her mom Lilia who has dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Clare also wrote, “not wishing away time.”

Clare's Instagram story
Pic credit: @clarecrawley/Instagram

The story came the day after Dale posted about his birthday. So it’s likely that Clare may have missed his birthday to spend time with her ailing mom.

Clare and Dale have broken up before

Clare and Dale met while filming her season of The Bachelorette. Clare broke the show’s protocol and decided to leave with contestant Dale Moss just a few episodes into filming.

Clare confessed her feelings for Dale and he proposed to her on the spot.

The two spent some time happily together after filming wrapped. However, several months later, Dale revealed they had broken up.

The news shocked both Bachelor Nation and Clare, who wasn’t aware that their relationship was done at that point.

Not too long after, the two began rekindling their relationship on the down-low and eventually posted pictures of them together on social media and reignited their engagement.

Some have even theorized that the pair have secretly gotten married. Between all the rumors surrounding the couple, it’s a bit unclear where they stand at the moment.

The Bachelorette returns to ABC on Tuesday, October 19 at 8/7c on ABC.

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