Did 90 Day Fiance Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre split? Here’s what we know

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Biniyam and Ariela are sharing their story this season on 90 Day Diaries. Pic credit: Discovery+

Ariela Weinberg sparked some major rumors that she and her husband, Biniyam Shibre, are going their separate ways.

The two made their debut this season on 90 Day Diaries, and off the bat, we learned that their marriage is still struggling.

Ariela (Ari) and Biniyam (Bini) moved from New Jersey to Nevada, where they’re creating a new life with their son, Aviel (Avi).

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During a solo confessional, Ariela claimed that Ethiopian native Bini has “not been nice” to her, ignored her, and that life with him in Las Vegas has been “difficult.”

Ariela also claimed that “love is not enough” to work things out between them, and during a self-recorded confessional with Bini, she suggested they spend some time apart.

Bini disagreed that separating was a good idea because of what happened with his ex-wife. He explained that when she left, she never came back, and he doesn’t want to go through that again.

Bini felt that working on their communication would solve their marital issues, but Ariela was adamant that her husband didn’t enjoy being around her.

Have Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre split?

So, have Ariela and Bini been able to work through their issues, or have they gone their separate ways? Let’s take a look at what we know.

For starters, the couple follows each other on Instagram, which is typically a good indicator that things are at least civil between them.

Interestingly, however, Bini lists Ariela’s IG handle with a red heart emoji in his Instagram bio, but she doesn’t mention his. Ariela also still follows her ex-husband, Leandro Fosque, on the platform.

It appears the 90 Day Fiance couple is still going strong

From what we can gather, neither Ariela nor Bini have filed for divorce in Clark County, Nevada, as of the publishing of this article.

And, last year, each of them defended their relationship when 90 Day Fiance critics assumed they had split.

In April 2023, Ariela clapped back at accusations that she and Biniyam divorced, albeit with some sarcastic remarks for her critics.

Then, in June 2023, Bini defended his wife, thanking Ariela for “believing in him from the beginning.” 

Most of Ariela’s Instagram activity is centered around herself and Avi, and the last time Bini appeared on her feed was in November 2023.

The same is true for Bini, who mainly plugs his work as a dancer/fighter/stunt performer on Instagram rather than uploading romantic photos of himself and Ariela.

By the looks of things, it appears that Ariela and Biniyam are still together, although their marriage looks strained.

We’ll find out more this season on 90 Day Diaries when Ari and Bini make another appearance and hopefully update us on their marriage status.

Season 5 of 90 Day Diaries airs on Mondays at 9/8c on TLC.

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