Devoin Austin suggests brain surgery after Briana DeJesus updates Teen Mom 2 fans on new implants and lipo

Briana DeJesus during an episode of Teen Mom 2
Devoin Austin makes a dig at Briana DeJesus after she posts about her plastic surgery on Twitter Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus is no stranger to plastic surgery.

In the past, she received a mommy makeover from a plastic surgeon referred to as Dr. Miami and showed off before and after pictures on her social media pages.

Her surgeries have included liposuction, a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and a butt lift.

Briana recently shared with fans that she underwent additional surgery, including an implant exchange and some liposuction.

Several fans had opinions on Briana’s decision to undergo more cosmetic surgery, but it was her baby daddy, Devoin Austin, who really bashed her.

After finding out about Briana’s new surgery, Devoin went on Twitter and asked if Dr. Miami also did brain surgery.

He also retweeted a follower’s comment that said they thought Briana needed a therapist rather than a surgeon and that he and Briana’s daughter Nova had a terrible role model.

Devoin throws shade at Briana for having more plastic surgery
Devoin throws shade at Briana for having more plastic surgery Pic credit:@SummerHouseVon/Twitter

Briana and Devoin continue to go after each other on social media

Devoin’s brain surgery dig at Briana is just the latest in the social media drama between the two of them.

A few months ago, Devoin leaked Briana’s phone number on social media, which caused her to change her number.

Briana also exposed text message conversations in the past in which she and Devoin were arguing back and forth about finances and caring for their daughter, Nova.

The majority of the most recent season of Teen Mom 2 focused on Briana fighting with Devoin to provide financial support for Nova.

During one episode, Devoin made a point that Briana had a $15,000 body, and he didn’t have $15,000 worth of anything.

Briana’s most recent decision to get more plastic surgery just further upset Devoin as well as fans who wondered where she was getting the money to have surgeries if she always complained about needing more money from him.

Fans react to Briana’s surgery

Several fans agreed with Devoin that Briana shouldn’t be complaining about money when she continues to get plastic surgery.

A Teen Mom fan page showed a photo of Briana’s tweet along with a follower who called her out for complaining about being broke.

Another fan accused Briana of being hypocritical. They didn’t understand how she could complain about Devoin getting a Playstation 5 while she has continued to get cosmetic surgery.

A fan calls Briana out for being hypocritical
A fan calls Briana out for being hypocritical Pic credit:@mistyliciouz/Instagram

According to The Sun, Devoin made a YouTube video this weekend and acknowledged that if he could go back in time, he would “literally be more mature.”

He added, “A little maturity, you could go a long way.”

Devoin and Briana continue to be at odds with one another.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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