Devoin Austin includes Briana DeJesus’s daughter Stella in outing with Nova, says she’s a ‘deserving Queen’

Devoin Austin and Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2
Devoin Austin continues to step up for Briana DeJesus’s other daughter, Stella. Pic credit: MTV

Briana DeJesus’s baby daddy Devoin Austin was spotted spending time with her daughter Stella again and Teen Mom 2 fans are loving it.

Briana and Devoin’s past isn’t exactly picture perfect and they’ve continually argued over spending time with and spending money on their daughter, Nova.

Devoin has made efforts to step up to the plate lately, though, and has even included Briana’s other daughter Stella when he visits with Nova.

Stella’s dad, Luis Hernandez, has been in and out of her life as Teen Mom 2 viewers have watched time and time again.

But Devoin has been sure to include Stella like she is his own daughter, and Teen Mom 2 fans are loving it.

Fans gush over Devoin Austin including Briana DeJesus’s daughter Stella

In a recent post on Instagram, Devoin shared some pics of an outing that he took with Nova and Stella. He tagged his location as Dezerland Park, an indoor amusement park in Orlando, Florida.

“My 2️⃣ favorite yungggg ladies in the whole wide world ?” Devoin captioned his post.

He included several pics of himself holding Stella while Nova stood nearby and Devoin attempted to blow up a whoopie cushion.

Devoin says Stella is a deserving ‘Queen’

His fans gushed over the fact that he spent time with and included Stella along with her big sister.

“You my friend are the Altamonte of a man,” wrote one of Devoin’s followers.

“Any man that takes care of a kid that’s not his. Let alone loves her as his own. Doesn’t show her that’s she’s not his. You are the real MVP,” they continued.

“May God bless you today and always. May Stella ways know what love is by the one and only daddy she knows. YOU!!”

Devoin replied to the fan’s comment and told them, “@blssdmamaof4 she’s a QUEEN and she deserves to be showed so. It’s absolutely the very least I could do! She’s awesome too.”

devoin austin of teen mom 2 responded to fans who applauded him for including briana's daughter stella
Devoin’s fans commended him for including Stella and he responded. Pic credit: @devoinaustin/Instagram

Although Devoin has made efforts to improve as a father for Nova, as well as show up for Stella, he still continues to get bashed by his baby mama, Briana DeJesus.

Many of Devoin’s supporters have pointed out in comments on social media that Briana needs to be more appreciative of his efforts as a father.

Briana recently responded to being called bitter for bashing her first baby daddy.

“I think people don’t understand that all I ever wanted was for my kids to have top-tier fathers. A father that I didn’t really have and with that being said I didn’t like half a** s**t and I knew there was potential so I fought hard for it,” Briana told her followers after critics slammed her for bashing her baby daddy.

With all of the Teen Mom 2 drama surrounding Devoin, it seems like he’s trying to stay in his own lane and avoid any new feuds. Devoin recently told his followers that he doesn’t want to be put in the “same boat” as his Teen Mom 2 castmates; specifically Kail Lowry and Chris Lopez’s drama.

Devoin wants his fans to know that he’s minding his own business and that his situation doesn’t compare to other Teen Mom 2 dads’ situations.

“Our situations do NOT compare. Please stop comparing me to anybody. I’m all f***ed up by myself and I’m fine by that. But stop tryna put me in the same [boat] w somebody else,” Devoin said.

Devoin reinforced his statement in his Instagram Stories and said, “They had me boxed in I had to wiggle out !! Only advice I got is stand on top of your business !”

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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