Devoin Austin doesn’t want to be put in the ‘same boat’ as Chris Lopez and Kail Lowry

Devoin Austin of Teen Mom 2
Devoin Austin is tired of being tagged in posts about Kail Lowry and Chris Lopez. Pic credit: MTV

Devoin Austin wants his fans to know that he’s tired of being compared to another Teen Mom 2 baby daddy, Chris Lopez.

Devoin, who shares daughter Nova with Briana DeJesus, says he’s tired of being put “in the same boat” as Chris and his baby mama, Kail Lowry.

Kail and Chris have made headlines lately for their seemingly never-ending feud that came to a head when Chris reportedly signed on with Teen Mom 2 as a regular cast member.

Chris and Kail have traded jabs on social media, making accusations about each other, and throwing major shade at each other. Things came to a head last fall when Kail was arrested for allegedly hitting Chris, reportedly after he cut their son Lux’s hair.

Now, Devoin Austin is making it clear that he doesn’t want to be associated with those types of actions, and that his relationship with his baby mama Briana isn’t the same as Chris and Kail’s co-parenting relationship.

Devoin Austin doesn’t want to be compared to Chris Lopez

Devoin took to his Instagram Stories on Monday to tell his fans that he doesn’t want to be tagged in Chris and Kail’s business.

“Y’all been tagging me in a lot of posts about Chris x Kail. I just must say, we are not in the same boat,” Devoin told his 115k followers.

devoin austin on instagram stories talked about kail lowry and chris lopez
Pic credit: @devoinaustin/Instagram

He continued, “Our situations do NOT compare. Please stop comparing me to anybody. I’m all f***ed up by myself and I’m fine by that. But stop tryna put me in the same [boat] w somebody else.”

“They had me boxed in I had to wiggle out !! Only advice I got is stand on top of your business !” Devoin concluded.

Devoin has his own issues with baby mama Briana DeJesus

Devoin and his baby mama Briana have had their own fair share of co-parenting issues, as viewers have watched on Teen Mom 2.

During last season’s Teen Mom 2 reunion special, Devoin and Briana sat together on the stage and initially things went well between the exes.

But, as soon as the topic of money came up, things took a left turn and the segment ended with Devoin walking off the stage when Briana began attacking him for not contributing enough financially to their daughter, Nova.

Teen Mom 2 fans took Devoin’s side and slammed Briana for “taking advantage” of her baby daddy in the clip.

Since then, Devoin has managed to stay out of the Teen Mom 2 drama surrounding him and seems to be focusing on handling his own business.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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