Details on Jenelle Evans’ child support payments from Nathan Griffith and Andrew Lewis

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Former Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is receiving child support for two of her children’s fathers, and we’re breaking down the details.

Jenelle shares three children between two of her exes and her husband, David Eason.

Jenelle and Andrew Lewis share their 13-year-old son Jace; Jenelle and Nathan Griffith share their 8-year-old son Kaiser; and Jenelle and David share one biological child, their 5-year-old daughter, Ensley.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Jenelle was granted full custody of Jace after the teen was previously being raised by Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans.

Amid Jace’s recent custody agreement, legal documents obtained by The Sun revealed Jenelle’s current child support schedule, including payments from Andrew and Nathan.

The outlet reported that Jenelle currently receives $327 per month from Kaiser’s father, Nathan, and is due to receive an additional $356 per month from Jace’s father, Andrew.

Jenelle Evans is set to receive $683 per month combined in child support from Andrew Lewis and Nathan Griffith

Since Jace was in Barbara’s care until recently, Andrew has been paying child support to Barbara since 2010, when she was first granted custody of her grandson.

The documents show that Andrew’s child support agreement will be terminated due to the recent custody change. Once Andrew fulfills an outstanding $400 debt, he’ll no longer be obligated to pay anything to Barbara and will reportedly begin making payments directly to Jenelle instead.

Andrew — who hasn’t seen Jace since the teen was 6 months old and claims he didn’t know that his ex, Jenelle, was awarded custody of their son — told The Sun that he has an upcoming child support hearing and will likely be making payments to Jenelle instead of Barbara.

“Because they just handed full custody over to Jenelle, I’m pretty sure she’s going to hit me up for support,” he told the outlet. “Which, sure, go ahead, I don’t give a s**t. I still pay my dues.”

As for Nathan, an insider told the publication that his payments are derived from his Army disability payments. As Monsters and Critics reported in 2021, Nathan claims that he’s “100% disabled” following his service in the Marine Corps.

In 2020, Jenelle and Nathan reached a custody agreement concerning Kaiser. Jenelle was awarded primary physical custody, while Nathan gets visits with his son every other weekend.

Assuming Jenelle will now be receiving child support payments from Nathan and Andrew, the former reality TV star can expect to collect $683 per month on Jace and Kaiser’s behalf.

Teen Mom viewers react to the news of Jenelle’s adjusted child support payments

A Teen Mom fan account, @teenmomfanz, on Instagram recently shared the news of Jenelle’s child support agreements. There were quite a few Instagram users in the comments who accused Jenelle of giving the money to David rather than using it for Jace and Kaiser.

“That money goes straight to David,” wrote one of Jenelle’s critics.

teen mom viewers on instagram accuse jenelle evans of spending her kids' child support on David eason
Many Teen Mom viewers believe Jenelle spends her child support money on her husband, David. Pic credit: @teenmomfanz/Instagram

Another Teen Mom fan proposed that David will be using the cash to buy himself a new bike and that Jenelle will be “using it to take David on another trip.”

“Every penny of that goes to her and David’s beer, ??, & whatever toys Davey boy wants,” penned another commenter. “Those poor kids never have new clothes, none are in sports, etc,” they added, noting that Jenelle never paid child support to Barbara while she had custody of Jace.

As far as Jace’s custody is concerned, Jenelle told her followers that she and her mom, Barbara, agreed that it was best if Jace was back in her care.

“My mom and I decided together to grant full custody back to me because we want to build our relationship back as mother and daughter,” Jenelle told Us Weekly after announcing the news on social media.

The mom of three added that her mom felt it was important for Jace to have a “father figure” in his life — that role has been filled by his stepdad, David Eason.

As part of his fatherly duties, David has been giving Jace dating advice, as well as teaching the teen how to hunt, fish, and repair dirt bikes.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is currently on hiatus.

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