Derick Dillard catches more heat on Twitter before Christmas after posting a Bible verse

Derick Dillard and Jessa Duggar in a confessional during their mission trip
Derick Dillard is still using Twitter despite the issues it has caused him. Pic credit: TLC

Derick Dillard isn’t always careful with his words. He says what he is thinking despite the consequences that could follow. Now, he is clapping back after a critic called him out for excusing the behavior of “child molesters” when preaching on Twitter.

Of course, this all goes back to the 2015 Josh Duggar scandal. Derick Dillard had recently married Jill Duggar and the family was at the height of their popularity.

Not only was it revealed that Josh molested several underage girls, but those girls were some of his sisters. Dillard’s wife was one of the victims.

Twitter is a dangerous place for Derick Dillard

If nothing else, Derick Dillard should know better than to make comments on social media. His comments about Jazz Jennings and TLC are what got him the boot from the network. Now, he is without a job as a reality star and is still saying undesirable things on Twitter.

Last week, Derick Dillard took to preaching on Twitter about inconsistent standards.

With that, several comments were made, going in the former Counting On husband. They quickly pointed out Dillard’s own inconsistencies regarding the comments he made condemning Jazz Jennings as well as Nate and Jeremiah from Nate and Jeremiah by Design on TLC while still showing support for his brother-in-law, Josh Duggar.

After Derick Dillard posted a Bible verse, many Twitter users took to dragging the former reality star. Pic credit: @derickmdillard/Twitter
After Derick Dillard posted a Bible verse, many Twitter users took to dragging the former reality star. Pic credit: @derickmdillard/Twitter

What’s next for Derick Dillard?

Right now, Derick is still focusing on law school. He is no longer allowed to film with the family for Counting On, so he had to decide what to do next.

Jill is taking care of their children while he goes to school and she even attends family functions alone (the ugly sweater Christmas party) when he studies.

It is clear Derick Dillard isn’t going to silence himself on Twitter and at this point, Counting On fans are just waiting to see what he will get into next.

Counting On is expected to return in early 2019.

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