Denise ‘Niecy’ Foster remembered on Families of the Mafia

Denise 'Niecy' Foster tribute at end of Families of the Mafia episode
The tribute to Denise ‘Niecy’ Foster which aired at the end of this week’s Families of the Mafia episode. Pic credit: MTV

Denise “Niecy” Foster was remembered at the end of last night’s Families of the Mafia episode. She was Dennie’s great aunt and the only connection the young woman had to her father.

Her passing was unexpected. Denise “Niecy” Foster passed away on September 13. 2019 and was laid to rest on September 26, 2019.

What do we know about Denise ‘Niecy’ Foster

Last fall, Denise Foster passed away in her sleep. She leaves behind some relatives and a congregation who adored her. Dennie Augustine was listed in her obituary, as was her father.

Her obituary revealed that she worked for the New York City Administration for Children’s Service from 1986 until the time of her passing last year.

She was well-liked among her colleagues, something the obituary also mentioned.

It was also revealed that Denise Foster was particular about her appearance. Her hair and nails were always done. Saturday was dubbed “glam day” because that is when everything would get done.

The only time she missed a beauty day was when she had to work.

Why was Denise ‘Niecy’ Foster on Families of the Mafia?

Dennie Augustine is a cast member on Families of the Mafia. She is close friends with Karina Seabrook, who is Karen Gravano’s daughter.

There was some discussion about Dennie’s father last week, and this week, she attempted to try and get into contact with him. Denise “Niecy Foster” is her great aunt, and she went to talk with her to try and find a way to reach her father.

Unfortunately, Denise had no way to contact Dennie’s father.

She revealed that it had been several years since she had contact with him and no longer knew how to reach him. Dennie was upset and explained why she was trying to find him.

Denise’s advice for her great-niece was to be a better parent than her father was to her.

Short and sweet, but it was to the point.

It is unclear when filming took place on Families of Mafia in relationship to when Denise passed away.

Dennie also aired on Made in Staten Island, which was pulled after only a few episodes in 2019. The show was rebranded and returned as Families of the Mafia, though some of the same people stuck around.

The conversation between Dennie and Denise “Niecy” Foster is captured on video forever now. It may not have seemed significant at the moment, but now it is part of what she has left behind.

Families of the Mafia airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on MTV.

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