Demi Burnett throws shade at Andrew Spencer and Greg Grippo’s photo with Daniel Radcliffe

Demi Burnett in orange
Demi Burnett pokes fun at Andrew Spencer, Greg Grippo, and Daniel Radcliffe. Pic credit: ABC

Demi Burnett is always one to speak her mind and crack a joke and she did just that when poking fun at two Bachelor Nation stars. 

Demi reshared one of Greg Grippo’s photos with Andrew Spencer and Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe, and humorously threw a bit of shade. 

Demi Burnett comments on Daniel Radcliffe’s disheveled look 

The Bachelorette Season 17 stars Andrew Spencer and Greg Grippo became good friends during their season and both made it pretty far in their pursuit of leading lady Katie Thurston. While neither guy ended up with Katie, they did end up finding a bromance with one another and often hang out together. 

Recently, both Andrew and Spencer shared a photo that they took with Harry Potter superstar Daniel Radcliffe, even noting that Radcliffe gave them great relationship advice. In the photo, Daniel Radcliffe stands in between Andrew and Greg as they smile for the camera. 

In the photo, Andrew and Greg look neatly dressed in neutral colors. Meanwhile, Daniel looks a bit less tidy with notably tousled hair. 

Demi couldn’t help but notice Radcliffe’s disheveled look and so she took to her IG stories to comment on it. 

In the post, Demi reshared Greg Grippo’s photo where he declared which Hogwarts house he thinks he, Andrew, and Daniel would be in, with Andrew being Slytherin, Daniel naturally being Gryffindor, and Greg being Ravenclaw. 

Underneath the photo, Demi wrote, “Wtf y’all do to Harry damn.”

Referring to Daniel Radcliffe as his most iconic role of Harry Potter, Demi’s amusingly shady response certainly speaks to her outspoken nature to call it as she sees it, even when it comes to addressing a popular actor’s scruffy look. 

Andrew Spencer, Greg Grippo, Daniel Radcliffe
Pic credit: @demi_not_lovato/Instagram

Andrew Spencer and Greg Grippo spend time together in New York 

Andrew Spencer and Greg Grippo have been sharing their various experiences in New York, including looking for a barber. 

Along with videos of themselves out and about in New York during the holidays, Andrew and Greg took to their IG stories to share about how they needed to find a barber. Andrew Spencer made it clear he would need to go to a different barber than Greg since the two have completely different hair textures. 

It certainly seems like Andrew and Greg have found a playful, tight-knit, and lasting bond with one another and continue to have cool experiences during their various ventures. 

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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