Demi Burnett talks struggling to make friends and Bachelor Nation fans show their support

Demi Burnett
Demi Burnett reveals her struggle with making friends. Pic credit: ABC

Demi Burnett caught the eye of Bachelor Nation with her outgoing, spunky personality and ability to tell it how it is when viewers first saw her on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor.

She not only continued on to have the first same-sex relationship in the show’s history on Bachelor in Paradise, but she also recently came out to Bachelor Nation and all of her fans with her present-day diagnosis of autism.

Demi has struggled lately, which has been evident on her social media, particularly through her Instagram and Twitter. It has been on these platforms that she has talked about her insecurities, trials and tribulations, and the pain she has been feeling before and since her autism diagnosis.

What did Demi Burnett say on Instagram recently about making friends and keeping friendships?

Demi opened up to discuss her inability to make friends because what she says and does is often perceived differently than how she intends it to be taken.

She recently took to Twitter to comment on how she has been feeling since her autism diagnosis. She stated, “As an autistic woman I have isolated myself. I want friends, but I seem to turn people off.”

Demi went on to say, “I’m blunt, and it can be perceived as rude, but it is NEVER with malice. I have a terrible habit of saying the wrong thing when my intent is so good. It’s so frustrating.”

Pic credit: @demi_burnett/Twitter

Twitter fans shower Demi Burnett with support

Fans again took to the comments with questions for Demi, as well as wanting to offer her support, guidance, and love.

One person felt connected to what Demi had written as she commented, “I feel the same exact way!! I’m a high functioning autistic but i still struggle with social situations from time to time. It was so much worse when I was younger, particularly in elementary and middle school.”

Pic credit: @demi_burnett/Twitter

Another viewer talked about how mental health used to be such a taboo topic to speak out about, but now with the outlets, support systems, and outward discussions, there is more help for those suffering and struggling.

This person stated, “A lot of our parents grew up in a time where mental health was viewed as a joke. I know I have often thought of getting tested for autism but found many obstacles where I lived that made it hard to do so. I get overwhelmed in social situations a lot and have very few friends.”

Pic credit: @demi_burnett/Twitter

Twitter fans encouraged Demi Burnett to continue to use her platform for support and to support others

One last person replied to what Demi had posted about. He said, “1) To be autistic in this world is lonely and isolating, BUT to surround yourself with ‘friends’ who are committed to misunderstanding you is even more so. You are on the wonderful and terrifying journey of learning who you really are; (1/ ) be that person, and the right people will stick around.”

Relating to Demi, he went on to claim, “You are also in a unique position where you have the platform to help usher real representation to the autistic community – especially autistic women. I hope you’ll run with that (as you’re able).”

Pic credit: @demi_burnett/Twitter

If nothing else, Demi has been making a difference for her fans by just putting herself, her struggles, and her difficulties out there publicly. As a Bachelor Nation alum, she does have a podium, like the last viewer said, to try to help others and represent the autism world.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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