Demi Burnett shares life-changing advice with fans

Demi Burnett selfie
Demi Burnett gives amazing advice to fans. Pic credit: @demi_not_lovato/Instagram

Demi Burnett decided to share some amazing advice that she had passed down to her.

The reality star was talking to a crew member on The Bachelor, and they single-handedly changed Demi’s sleep habits. 

The 27-year-old has had trouble sleeping in the past, so the crew member suggested she take up counting.

Each night, she was recommended to count down from 100 to 0 in order to get her mind calm enough to fall asleep.  

She explained that since she started doing this, she was able to fall asleep by the time she reached the number 50.  

Fans loved the advice and even shared similar methods that have helped them fall asleep as well.  

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Pic credit: @demi_not_lovato/Instagram

She posted the video to Instagram and looked amazing the entire time. She had on a black bra with a tiny open crop top paired with it. 

Demi went for gray low-rise cargo pants that fit her perfectly. She accessorized the outfit by wearing black boots and a silver chain.  

The Bachelor alum wore her hair in full bangs and curled her hair into soft barrel curls for a romantic look.  

Her makeup looked beautiful as well, with neutral eyeshadow and nude lipstick.  

Demi Burnett helps her fans with Loop Earplugs 

Demi Burnett has been a wealth of knowledge for her fans these last few weeks. The social media star began working with Loop Earplugs and admitted that it has seriously helped her in her everyday life.  

Loop Earplugs was created to make high-quality earplugs that allow customers to filter out loud noise whenever possible, as well as help them stay relaxed and focused.  

In an Instagram video, Demi explained that she suffers from sensory overstimulation that could be triggered by certain sounds, like doing the dishes. Since incorporating the earplugs, she has been able to feel much safer and maneuver situations a lot easier.

Demi Burnett shows why the color orange deserves more love 

Demi Burnett is ready to prove that orange is her color. She took a gorgeous photo wearing a beautiful bodysuit that featured cutouts along the bust. 

Over her, she had on a matching cropped teddy jacket that was perfect for the cool weather and finished the ensemble with skinny jeans to make the look more casual. 

 She kept the accessories simple and wore orange sunglasses.  

The reality star wore her signature bangs with soft barrel curls and her makeup was gorgeous, with brown eyeshadow and pink lip glass. 

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