Demi Burnett posts a nude photo and asks old men to stop sending her disgusting DMs

Demi Burnett with a flower in her hair
Demi Burnett goes bare and has an unfiltered response to nasty DMs. Pic credit: ABC

Demi Burnett is known to be an open book both inwardly and outwardly.

Demi’s also no stranger to the world having a lot to say about her both positively and negatively as she’s become one of the more controversial stars within Bachelor Nation. 

Recently, Demi bared it all in a shower selfie and had to clap back at old men who were sending her inappropriate and explicit messages about her body. 

Demi Burnett calls her body ‘art’ 

Demi Burnett shared a bathroom selfie to her Instagram stories and chose to go without clothes for the shower photo. 

Demi stood in the bathroom completely naked as she covered her chest with towels and covered her private parts with her hand. 

Demi referred to her body as ‘art’ in the since-expired photo. The photo further proved that she’s unafraid of exposing and embracing her body just as she did back in 2021 with her controversial Halloween costume.

After sharing the photo, Demi returned to her IG stories with a stern message to the distasteful old men in her DMs. 

Demi got passionate as she told men to stop messaging her about the graphic sexual acts they would do to her. 

Demi Burnett IG story
Pic credit: @demi_not_lovato/Instagram

Demi clearly seemed appalled and irritated by some of the sexual comments she was receiving from men who were much older than her, including men telling her they would split her private parts in half. 

Demi demanded that these men stop and, hopefully, her requests are being respected and she’s not being as bombarded with messages that make her uncomfortable and disgusted. 

Demi Burnett seeks help from a psychiatrist 

While it’s not unusual for Demi to be extremely unfiltered, she got particularly vulnerable recently when she opened up about the state of her mental health. 

In a post that was hard for her to share, Demi peeled back the glamorous curtain of her life and admitted to not being happy and constantly crying. 

Demi opened up about how she spends countless hours blaming herself and having emotional breakdowns, which have led her to seek out a psychiatrist. 

Being a public figure is challenging and being a polarizing public figure likely comes with a fair amount of both love and hate that must be difficult for Demi to experience daily. 

As Demi takes the brave step of seeking outside help, she’ll hopefully be in a better mental space. 

The Bachelor returns next Monday, January 24 at 8/7c on ABC. 

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