Demi Burnett lashes out at Kenny Braasch after he chooses Mari Pepin on Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise star, Demi Burnett, lashed out at Kenny Braasch after he chose Mari Pepin over her in the latest Rose Ceremony. Pic credit: ABC

At one point during this season of Bachelor in Paradise, Kenny Braasch, the boy band manager from Tayshia Adams’ season had three women fighting for him.

While Demi Burnett pledged at the beginning of the season to steal all the girl’s men, she obviously wasn’t happy after last night’s Rose Ceremony and lashed out at Kenny for choosing Mari Pepin over her.

Kenny Braasch chose his connection, Mari Pepin, over Demi Burnett

Although Kenny Braasch found an early connection with Mari Pepin, Mari shook things up when she told Kenny that she wanted to be open to going on other dates.

Demi took this as her sign to entice Kenny with an offer to the Boom-Boom Room that he could not refuse.

After Demi gave Kenny her rose, she thought she had the band manager’s heart locked in, but it wasn’t long before Bachelor Nation alum, Tia Booth took him on a date.

Kenny didn’t find a spark with Tia but the fight for him wasn’t over as Mari continued to pursue the 40-year-old despite being aware of Kenny and Demi sleeping together.

Mari later revealed that seeing Kenny with other women ultimately solidified her feelings for him.

Demi Burnett lashes out at Kenny Braasch after choosing Mari Pepin

Kenny eventually realized that his feelings for Mari were something he had never felt before, and Demi knew there was a big possibility that she would be on a flight out of Mexico soon.

“Tonight’s Rose Ceremony is terrible for me,” she told producers in her confessional. “Kenny was using me to get over Mari, then went back to Mari. Like, I feel like a d**k. I feel like I’m doing home. I’m not happy about it”

While she didn’t get dumped on her birthday like fellow co-star Tammy Ly, the 25-year-old was not pleased to not receive a rose.

“Like, this is extremely embarrassing. Paradise is magical, and I wasted so much time with Kenny,” Demi explained while leaving.

Crying in her van home, she continued, “I’m so pissed. Like, I really am upset about it. Like, Mari and Kenny, like, kissing in front of me.”

“Like, wait till I’m about to leave. Like, wait till I go!” she added as she sobbed.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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