Demi Burnett hunts for juicy gossip from fans

Demi Burnett's selfie in her room
Demi Burnett looks for new gossip. Pic credit: @demi_not_lovato/Instagram

Although reality TV has given Demi Burnett plenty of drama in her own life, she decided to look for some more. The Bachelor in Paradise star posted a gorgeous picture where she encouraged fans to comment on their family gossip.  

People instantly started sharing crazy stories about their families from intimate secrets to embarrassing stories.

One commenter mentioned how their grandmother was replacing alcohol with water to stop their stepmother from getting drunk.  

For the Instagram post, she wore a lilac button-up shirt, where she opted for a braless look to maintain a casual vibe.  

She paired it with blue relaxed-fit jeans that complemented the shirt perfectly.  

The social media star opted out of any jewelry to keep the focus on the outfit.  

Demi sported full bangs and curled her hair for a romantic look. Her makeup was beautiful as well wearing a smokey neutral eyeshadow and nude lip gloss. 

Demi Burnett comment section
Comments on Demi Burnett’s Instagram post. Pic credit: @demi_not_lovato/Instagram

Demi Burnett shares the secret to her signature curls 

While Demi has naturally straight hair, she looks amazing when she wears big curls. Fans first got a chance to see Demi in her signature hairstyle while on Bachelor in Paradise and they were mesmerized. 

Talking to Cosmopolitan, she explained the tips and tricks fans need to get curls like her.  

“I put a ponytail on the top of my head and then I split it down the middle. I curl one side of it one way, the other side the opposite way, and then I let it down and have these amazing curls,” she told the publication.  

She uses the Bombay Curling Wand ($150) to curl her hair and Biosilk Hair Oil ($49.50) to keep it shiny and lightweight and to give it an amazing scent.  

Demi Burnett celebrates coming out of burnout 

Like many people, Demi has days where she feels burnt out and it could affect her energy level. Television and social media appearances could be a lot for Demi and cause her not to be the bubby person we all see on social media.  

While on Instagram, she decided to make a funny video roleplaying how she acted while coming out of burnout.  

In the video, she was dancing to an Instagram audio where she was wearing a black crop top that showed her toned physique. She paired it with black relaxed-fit jeans that sat low on her waist.  

Demi Burnett praise in her comment section
Comments from Demi Burnett’s video about burnout. Pic credit: @demi_not_lovato/Instagram

She wore her hair down with a full bang and light curls. Fans found the video very relatable and were happy she made it.  

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