DeMario Jackson says he has evidence that will exonerate him in court, amidst rape lawsuits.

Former The Bachelorette star DeMario Jackson revealed that the rape accusations are costing him brand deals.
Bachelor in Paradise alum DeMario Jackson says it’s hard to face another sex scandal. Pic credit: @demariojackson/Instagram

Yesterday, Monsters and Critics reported that The Bachelorette alum DeMario Jackson is being sued by two women for sexual battery, false imprisonment, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. 

Although the two women have chosen to remain anonymous, they recounted stories that showed an alleged pattern. 

Jane Doe 1 had a rape kit done the day after her alleged assault, and both Jane Does are in intense therapy.

TMZ was the first to break the news, and the former reality star has now spoken to the news outlet to defend himself. 

DeMario’s attorney, Walter Mosley Jr., revealed that his client has evidence that will prove his innocence in the court of law. He believes that this is nothing more than a “shakedown.”

He even alleged that the LAPD had already investigated both incidents. They didn’t charge DeMario with any criminal charges at the end of their investigations. 

DeMario says it’s because he did nothing wrong and told TMZ that he was still in contact with his accusers, making plans to meet after the alleged assault.

DeMario says the lawsuits cost him six figures in deals

The Bachelor in Paradise alum said that he is reliving the same nightmare he went through in 2017, only now he has much more to lose. During his stint on the show, he was accused of sexual misconduct

DeMario told TMZ that a couple of days after he was sued by the two women, he lost many business deals. 

He said that brands that he had been working with for years severed times with him. He lost 10 deals for a total of $250,000. 

The two women accusing DeMario are traumatized

Both women said they met DeMario online. Jane Doe 1 met him on a dating app, whereas Jane Doe 2 met him on social media. 

The court documents obtained by TMZ state that DeMario, “used his notoriety and public persona to lure the unsuspecting plaintiffs” into a false sense of safety. 

The 25-year-old said DeMario grabbed her at the end of their first date when she tried to get out of the car, exposed himself to her and forcefully kissed her.

She alleged that he later apologized and gained back her trust. They went on another date when DeMario got drunk and allegedly raped her despite her saying “no” repeatedly. The next day she went to the hospital and had a rape kit done.

DeMario allegedly lured Jane Doe 2 into his home, pretexting he didn’t want to be recognized on their date. He reportedly forced her to commit a sexual act. He allegedly later admitted that the 28-year-old didn’t consent.

Both women said they are traumatized and are in therapy.

Bachelor in Paradise is on hiatus.

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