Deena from Jersey Shore’s due date: When is she expecting?

Deena Cortese shows off her big baby bump in a pregnant selfie
Deena from Jersey Shore has been keeping fans up to date on her pregnancy. Pic credit: @deenanicolemtv/Instagram

Deena Cortese from Jersey Shore has been pregnant for a while now. After the latest episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, there have been questions about the reality star’s due date since it should be right around the corner. So when is Deena from Jersey Shore due?

Right now there are two pregnant Jersey Shore stars, Deena Cortese and Snooki Polizzi, but Deena is much further along. That’s the reason she didn’t move into the latest Jersey Shore Family Vacation house in Manalapan.

While Deena has never shared her exact due date, figuring out roughly when she should be due isn’t hard. Especially since the Jersey Shore star has been sharing many pregnant selfies and updates as she enjoys her pregnancy journey.

Back in August, Deena shared a collage of pictures showing her growing belly at 16, 18 and 20 weeks along. She even wrote that she was 20 weeks at that point, halfway done!

Based on being 20 weeks in mid-August, that means the baby meatball is due in December. So, right now!

Causing even more of her fans to wonder about her due date, Deena shared even more pictures recently. One being the pregnant selfie above (all the way up). She shared that photo just days ago and followed it with a 3D ultrasound photo of Christopher John.

In the ultrasound photo, her unborn son’s face looks like an actual newborn now with chubby cheeks and little-pursed lips.

It’s safe to say that the baby watch is on for Deena from Jersey Shore. She could give birth any day now and we can’t wait to hear all about it!

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV. 

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