Deena Cortese’s 1-year-old son is already fist pumping to DJ Pauly D from Jersey Shore

Deena in a promo for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
Deena in a promo for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Pic Credit: MTV

Deena Nicole Cortese was Jersey Shore’s original “meatball.” Along with Snooki, Deena partied, fist-pumped, and got arrested everywhere from New Jersey to Italy.

The two sub-5 foot tall partiers prided themselves on their eternal ready-for-fun attitudes, and it looks like Deena has passed that along to her 1-year-old son, CJ.

CJ and Deena are stuck inside

With all of New Jersey asked to stay inside, Deena, her husband Chris, and baby CJ have been stuck in the house. But that didn’t stop Deena from having a good time.

She streamed castmate Pauly D’s live from home dance party to her TV, turning her house into a club.

CJ seemed to be all for the entertainment. He threw his hands up and bounced around, clearly having lots of fun. Deena encouraged him to dance to “Uncle Pauly’s” Facebook live stream.

The proud mom posted a video of the mini party to her Instagram, captioning it “CJs first club experience.. I think we have a party man on our hands! If DJais in belmar is still open when he turns 21 I’m in trouble !”

CJ danced so hard he could barely contain himself and even fell over dancing at one point.

“Oh my god, you take after mommy!” Deena exclaimed. “Definitely my son, people, definitely my son!”

The fall reminded viewers of Deena’s legendary clumsiness, which has been a running joke on the show. “Soon as he fell to the floor I was like there’s Deena,” commented one fan.

“Uncle” Pauly D was happy to see little CJ getting down. He commented “This is everything ????” on the post.

Deena has been documenting CJ’s life since his birth

Deena married Christopher Buckner on October 28, 2017. The couple welcomed CJ, real name Christopher John, on January 5 of last year.

CJ was named for his father and Deena’s dad, who tragically died of leukemia in 2016. Deena was very close to her dad, calling him “my biggest supporter and best friend.”

Deena even said at her gender reveal that she was happy she was having a boy so she could honor her father by passing along his name.

CJ is the main subject of Deena’s Instagram.

She’s documented his birth, his struggle with a leg condition called metatarsus adductus, his first birthday, and more. Deena clearly loves being a mom, and baby CJ is lucky to have her.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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