Deena Cortese pregnancy: When is Jersey Shore star’s likely due date?

Chris Bucker and Deena Cortese pose together on Instagram
Deena Cortese and Chris Buckner are expecting a baby boy soon. Pic credit: @deenanicolemtv/Instagram

On the most recent episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Deena Cortese made a brief appearance. She filmed just long enough to tell Snooki that she was nervous about staying in the new house while the Jersey Shore crew filmed due to her pregnancy and some complications that she was having.

Deena announced her pregnancy a few episodes back but during the most recent one, she explained that she had been put on bed rest and she was freaking out a little bit about the safety of her unborn baby.

While she said that her little meatball was doing just fine, as a first-time mom, it’s pretty normal to get nervous when things aren’t going perfectly.

Seeing Deena on Jersey Shore Family Vacation led to questions about her pregnancy. Specifically, MTV viewers want to know when we can expect Deena to have her baby.

And while Deena Cortese’s due date has not been officially announced, it is possible, based on her pregnancy announcement and baby bump pictures, to make an educated guess as to when we can expect to meet the next Jersey Shore baby.

Deena made her pregnancy announcement back in July. At the time, she announced that she had made it “safely” to her second trimester, meaning she had to be at least 13 weeks at the time.

A lot has been shared about Deena’s pregnancy, including another baby bump picture just days ago that put her at 30 weeks. That means Deena’s due date should be in the beginning to mid-January. Realistically, we could meet him as this year!

That’s another thing, it was already shared during a gender reveal party on Jersey Shore Family Vacation that Deena and Chris are expecting a baby boy. They learned the baby’s gender by sending up a colored smoke signal and theirs was blue.

“Now I can name my son after Chris and my dad,” Deena said. “Christopher John.”

Part 2 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation is still in full swing as the stars of the show moved into their new Manalapan mansion on the latest episode. Deena won’t be staying in it but has promised to pop in from time to time.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV. 

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