Deavan Clegg pays tribute after Sulli’s death, sparks bullying conversation with 90 Day Fiance costars

Deavan Clegg at the 90 Day Fiance The Other Way Tell All
Deavan Clegg pays tribute to K-Pop star Sulli. Pic credit: TLC

On Monday, news of K-Pop star Sulli’s death spread like wildfire. Speculation that Sulli died by suicide also made the rounds and quickly turned into a conversation about cyberbullying as international K-Pop fans became angry at those who had criticized and put her down.

Now, 90 Day Fiance star Deavan Clegg has spoken out too. Being immersed in the culture of South Korea, Deavan is likely hearing much more news about Sulli’s death than those of us in the U.S. and it’s safe to say that the K-Pop idol’s death hit her hard.

“It absolutely breaks my heart to see a beautiful life was lost and a big cause of it was online bullying,” Deavan wrote. “R.I.P Sulli such a strong powerful women. It breaks my heart. Knowing this pain and knowing she was harassed online to the point where she did not want to live, breaks my heart. Just because they are celebrities doesn’t mean they don’t see what you guys say ? Rest easy beautiful.”

It didn’t take long for other 90 Day Fiance cast members to show their support, as online bullying is definitely something they have also experienced and they know firsthand just how stressful it can be.

Tiffany Franco shared her condolences, writing, “So sad. Online bullying is unacceptable any kind of bullying is just unacceptable. But the internet is the melting pot for cowards who feel fulfilled by spitting out more bulls**t into this world as if there isn’t already enough. Just a bunch of cowards. Rest easy.”

Leida Margaretha replied to Tiffany’s comment. She said, “This is why not everyone is suitable for having social media. ? These internet bullies never hold accountable for their actions. They’re so easy to wish people die and tell people to kill themselves.”

Jon Walters also shared his thoughts on online bullying, even throwing out some suggestions that could make it easier to hold people accountable for their actions. He wrote, “social media needs to be regulated with ID – no more FAKE or anonymous accounts.”

There was even a conversation about when it is okay to be a bully. Many commenters said the answer is never and argued with Jon Walters, who thinks it’s okay to bully the bullies.

Whatever the answer is to this growing problem of cyberbullying, all agreed that something needs to be done.

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