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Deanna Duggar looks just like Grandma Mary Duggar and it gives Amy Duggar King all the feels

Amy Duggar King and Deanna Duggar selfie.
Amy’s mom reminds her of Grandma Mary. Pic credit: @amyrachelleking/Instagram

Deanna Duggar looks just like Grandma Mary Duggar, and it is something that Amy Duggar King notices all the time. It is something that is still hard for her to express, but it is something that she loves.

While praising her mom Deanna Duggar, Amy Duggar King revealed that she reminds her of Grandma Mary Duggar. The three of them were incredibly close as she helped her daughter to raise her daughter. She was the matriarch of the family and passed away back in June.

Losing Grandma Mary Duggar was incredibly hard for Amy Duggar King, who grew up with her always around. While pregnant with her first child, Mary Duggar was found dead at her home by her daughter Deanna. Her passing was incredibly unexpected as she had spent the morning at church with the Duggar family.

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Everyone has sent me messages asking me " Amy, how do you do it all?! You make motherhood look so easy!! Although I appreciate those compliments I'll be honest with ya…it takes a village! I'm not a superwowan, and I definitely have help! My mom comes and takes care of Daxton for 3 hours in the mornin! She comes at 8am opens my bedroom door with a big tall glass of water, and my hand held pump! She takes Daxton while I work on my freezer stash! I wash my face, brush my teeth and then I eat oatmeal and hop back into bed!! Without those extra 3 hours of sleep I don't think that I could function the rest of the day! With Dill opening his restaurant soon and managing 3130 he needs his rest! So I handle the night shift! Dax wakes up every 2-3 hours right now. Soo it's hard adjusting to this new routine! It's those early morning feeding sessions at 4:30am.. that I think help is on the way! Keep your eyes open Amy!! Sleep is in your near future! Lol! So mom, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate everything you do! Daxton loves spending time with his Nana! It's so sweet to see a special bond you 2 already share! You remind me of someone… someone that we both lost. it's something that's very hard for me to talk about but there is a resemblance there and I love seeing it. ♡♡♡ Also.. those family genes run deep! If I could I would bottle it up and sell it!😂

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Amy Duggar King has kept quiet about her loss for the most part. She will throw in comments or memories on occasion, but speaking openly about it isn’t something she is ready to do. That was made clear when she referenced how similar Deanna Duggar looks to her mom, Grandma Mary Duggar.

While Amy Duggar King has gotten out of the reality television game, she has kept herself busy running her clothing store. She hasn’t been seen on the Duggars’ show in quite some time. Amy remains close with some of her cousins though. Jill Duggar is one of the models she uses to promote her clothing store and Joy-Anna Duggar just became her neighbor.

Counting On will be filming some of the wake and funeral services as the trailer revealed that was the case. It is unclear if Deanna Duggar or Amy Duggar King will be part of the footage shown, but it wouldn’t be shocking if they were.

It has only been six months since Grandma Mary Duggar passed away and it is clear that Amy Duggar King misses her very much.

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