Deandra Kanu gets dolled up in low-cut blue dress

Deandra Kanu
Deandra Kanu puts curves on display in a revealing dress. Pic credit: @deandrakanu/Instagram

Deandra Kanu has been enjoying the Miami beaches with her Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 costar, Maurissa Gunn.

Deandra and Maurissa have soaked up the sun in swimwear and casual poolside attire, but Deandra’s latest look saw her getting more dolled up.

Showing some major skin, Deandra posed in a flattering blue dress.

Deandra Kanu flaunts her figure in blue

Deandra Kanu took to Instagram to show off her beautiful blue dress. 

Taking a selfie, Deandra posed with one hand against her chest as she went barefoot in what appeared to be a dining room with wood and tropical accents. 

Deandra’s blue dress featured a deep low-cut neckline that showed off her bust and toned abdomen. The dress also featured a smaller cutout showing off her belly button. 

Deandra went glam with her makeup, rocking a smokey eye with voluminous lashes, a full brow, and a plump pout. 

For accessories, Deandra complimented the blue dress with gold jewelry, including gold earrings, rings, bracelets, and anklets. 

Bringing back her Bachelor in Paradise blonde box braids, Deandra put the braids in a high ponytail to give her dolled-up face time to shine. 

Deandra Kanu's Instagram story
Pic credit: @deandrakanu/Instagram

Deandra Kanu and Maurissa Gunn appeared on Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelor together 

Deandra Kanu and Maurissa Gunn’s experience with The Bachelor franchise began on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. 

Maurissa Gunn’s time on The Bachelor was short-lived, as she was sent home during week one. Deandra made it a bit farther but still couldn’t strike up a solid enough connection with Peter, so she was eliminated. 

Deandra joined Maurissa on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, where she struggled to find a strong connection and eventually left the island single. 

Maurissa ended up having better luck on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. She first had a fling with The Bachelorette Season 17 star Connor Brennan before exploring a more serious relationship with The Bachelorette Season 16 star Riley Christian. 

Maurissa and Riley became one of the strongest couples on the beach, and they made it to the end of the season where they got engaged. 

Fans were thrilled for Maurissa and Riley, and it was a massive moment for the franchise as well since the two became the first-ever Black couple to get engaged within the franchise. 

However, Maurissa and Riley eventually ended their engagement and went their separate ways. 

While Deandra and Maurissa are seemingly single currently, their bond with one another is still going strong as they enjoy a paradise vacation in Miami. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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